Amber Benson and Anthony Stewart Head singing

Eryolah asked:

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is AWESOME. ... amber benson anthony stewart head rocky horror picture show


  1. Wolfsclaw01 says:

    I haven´t laughed so hard. Oh Anthony … he has a wonderfull voice, that me ever want to sing too.

  2. I loveeeeeeeeeee Rocky Horror!!! I love Amber so much!! “Wise up Janet Wise!!!!”

  3. hanspritcher says:

    Maravillosa Amber!

  4. PinkorpseForever says:

    I love Anthony and Amber.
    There was just too much legs, there!

  5. Soukougnan says:

    i made schoolgirl noises when i found out this existed. i’m a big rhps/repo/buffy fan, and didn’t realize that they all had him in common.

    ogod, i love it!

  6. Respect, he can stand in High Heels xD

  7. dickndomrocks1 says:

    The music sounds a bit like beauty school dropout from grease

  8. WesJanson10 says:

    I just love Amber!!
    And Anthony Rocks!

  9. HAHAHAHA!!!! I Love Buffy, And I’m A HUGE RHPS fan! 😀 This was just PERFECT! ^^

  10. ElinPihl94 says:

    god xD I really like anthonys voice… but god,,

  11. foamy9210 says:

    I could only pick out one maybe two points where her voice did something she didn’t want to do her singing style was pretty dead on the only real change was singing seatwetting sooner (i assume so the crowd couldn’t yell anything that would need to be removed) but her voice should go high like it does in the song the only mistake thing in her voice I could tell was when she jumped and well thats because jumping and singing doesnt work well but we agree on anthony

  12. OliSykesLoverXD says:

    lmfa! omg hes in Repo!!!! lols anyways i wish they had one of those these day. hell id be up there. hehe if only i could singg

  13. formerlykissingtoast says:

    NIce legs there Mr. Head : )

  14. jack4ianto09 says:

    The Tattoo on Anthony’s right shoulder (his right) is that real?

  15. 313757chloe says:

    terrible amber im sorry but your better in buffy!!!

  16. OMG Tony is sooooooo frickin awesome! I love him xD

  17. WE SHOULD toast no ?

  18. TheBloodofundead says:

    hahahahahahaha XD good one xD = 1 for you man xD

  19. DarkAngel40 says:

    Amber seemed to be struggling so much to sing that song. Her voice was cracking so bad during it. Anthony, on the other hand, was awesome.

  20. happybunny453740 says:


  21. holy crud.

  22. Looking at him ad hearing him sing but mainly seeing him made me LOL!!! xD I love tha guys! He can do ANYTHING!!!

  23. ProfessorSponge says:

    This is what he meant when talking about his ripper days………..

  24. MissSorceress says:


    Giles you are crazy

  25. Anthony – LEGEND! Nice one mate. Major respect. He’s amazing!