How much is Rocky horror Picture show 12″ vinyl record worth?

Hilary asked:

so i recently found this Rocky Horror Picture show 12" vinyl record that my mom had given me the record and the case is in good condition but the thin paper casing is slightly torn..
how much is it worth?
exact amount not needed.
it is a first print...if that helps


  1. Sadly, not much.

  2. hazeleyedbeauty1967 says:

    It is only valuable to those who are into that cult classic. I suggest you go to your local vintage record shop or contact the company on the label for an approximate value. Ebay is a good place to check, but the accuracy is not always correct.

  3. How much is 12″ Record of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show worth (1975)

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  5. That’s an apt answer to an interesting question

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