Im off tonight to watch the sing along rocky horror tonight?

onlyme asked:

Im off tonight to watch the sing along rocky horror tonight.

What should I wear? Ive got a black tutu and fishnet tights and a feather boa, is that ok ?


  1. Omegalomaniac* says:

    i’m really quite jealous of you! i love rocky horror :)
    anything tarty is great to wear

  2. jack99skellington says:

    Yeah, that sounds good. Think to yourself “What would a raging ********** ************ wear?”, and wear that. That’s what everyone else is doing – have fun.

  3. Hi, I went to the theatre production and I dressed up as columbia, a lot of people dressed up in black tutus, tights some sort of bodice or a random black top and had feather boas, so your outfit should be OK, you would look stupid if you didn’t dress up.

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