I’m Throwing My Best Friend A Rocky Horror Picture Show Surprise Party and I Need Help?

L asked:

I'm throwing my best friend a surprise sweet 16 and the theme is the Rocky Horror Picture Show. My house is supposed to look like a cheesy spoof on a House of Horrors and I was hoping I could get some ideas on how to execute this. Thanks!


  1. Valkyrie_89 says:

    watch the movie

  2. loris.1965 says:

    Rent the movie and choose your favorite section of the house and duplicate it.

  3. rickdvd2007 says:

    To be honest, you’re going to have to spend all day tomorrow changing the decor of your house for one night of fun. Maybe one room, so go to a novelty store and you can purchase most of those types of items, like the stuff needed to make cobwebs and other “spooky” stuff.

    BTW, don’t forget the lips.

  4. I love the RHPS! I’ve been watching that for 10 years, since I was 3! Well, if you’re looking for corny haunted mansion decorations, try a local Halloween store since it’s that time of year. For costumes if you’re going to use some, you’re better off ordering them from a website with quality costumes, or a wide variety of costumes.

    Now, I know you’re going to want to do the Time Warp! See if you can get the Rocky Horror soundtrack from somewhere, on CD, or maybe even putting it on your ipod and if you have the ihome, hook the two up. If you’re also going to use decorations like regular birthday decor, I recommend red, black, white and/or pink. After all, those are the main colors! For a cake, you could just use a regular one or you can get one of those cakes with pictures on the icing.

    To put the ‘surprise’ in surprise party, give them a reason to go to the party. Maybe say you’re bringing them to hang out with friends or something on the subject. Hope things work out!

  5. Novocaine Nell says:

    Rocky Horror is the epitome of Over The Top; everything must be fantastically exaggerated.

    Watch the movie and pick out particular décor details you like that you feel you could pull off easily and cheaply.

    Secondly, buy or make some fake cobwebs and drape the place with ’em; the Frankie’s place is a spider’s dream.

    You’ll want a Transylvanian ************ Convention sign, not to mention scarlet streamers and lots of fairy lights!

    If you’re watching the movie, make sure to cover up your sofa, because that film can get MESSY. A black or red throw should suffice.

    Try getting lots of those cherry lips sweets as party favours. If you’re from the US, you may not be familiar with them.

    Also try getting candy necklaces to act as Dr. Frank’s pearls, or buy cheap strings of fake pearls to hand out as party favours. Snazzy sunglasses like those belonging to the Time Warpers can be bought very cheap and handed out as party favours too.

    Try getting movie posters and character cut-outs. Also try getting, as well as RHPS posters, posters of all the films mentioned in the opening song, “Science Fiction/Double Feature”.

    Pink dish-wash gloves just like Dr Frank’s make fun things to wear.

    Tossing some cheap feather boas around may look awesome too, and any WASHABLE powder (baby powder, flour) would look good as dust on some surfaces, but use only a little.

    Fake blood would look great if you know where to apply it.

    Demand that everyone come in costume, and before unveiling the party to your friend, demand that they change into fishnets!

    Make everybody do the Timewarp!

    Be sure to have the RHPS soundtrack on hand!

    Try watching the movie with Audience Participation; the internet will teach you this XD

    A fun game to play would also be Make Your Own Man, decorating ginger bread men and making studs, just like Dr. Frank!

    Hand out A Virgin’s Guide To Rocky Horror for those unfamiliar with our “age-old traditions” XD

    Eat Meatloaf XD And try and get a cake, perhaps shaped like those iconic red lips! Patricia Quinn has SUCH a gorgeous mouth!
    I’ve also seen cakes that say “Happy Birthday Rocky”, celebrating his creation!

    Be sure to mark Rocky virgins with the red lipstick V on their foreheads and the rather risqué virgin forfeits to perform!

    Rocky karaoke is a MUST! A dance or Time Warp contest may be fun too!

    Dim lighting, or no lights adds to the atmosphere.

    That all came out in a random rush, but I hope I’ve been helpful!

  6. Rocky Horror Picture Show= Best movie EVER. it’s my one and only obsession.
    honestly, i’d have to say pick your favorite scenes and decorate the rooms in your house to look like rooms in Franks mansion.
    you could set up a little stage and act out the floor show.
    costumes? that’d be fun.
    make rocky horror related foods. like maybe janets apple pie for when Frank N’ Furter says “your apple pie don’t taste too nice” in Planet, Schmanet, Janet.
    And cookies in the shape of lips. You can’t leave out the lips. if you did… i might just track you down and beat you. haha jk.

    i got this from a website-

    Step 1-Make your own party invitations using your home computer and printer. Create the invitation by using an image or collage of images from the movie.

    Step 2-Tell all guests that they must dress as a Rocky Horror Picture character. To ensure that you won’t have 20 Dr. Frank-N-Furters in attendance, you can add character assignments to each invitation. For example, “You are Janet,” or “You are Magenta.” For laughs, pick the guy with the biggest belly to be “Rocky.”

    Step 3-Decorate the party room like a lab. Use the “slab” as the open bar area.

    Step 4-Set up a karaoke machine with songs from Rocky Horror. Have each character sing his/her song from the movie. Spread this out throughout the evening, so that not everyone sings one right after the other.

    Step 5-A few times throughout the evening, at random intervals, turn up the sound system and blast “The Time Warp,” so that everyone can do the dance together.

    Step 6-Have the movie running on a repetitive loop on as many tv screens as you can. Have them playing on “mute,” so that everyone can enjoy one another’s conversation and the music you’re playing.

    Step 7-Begin or end the party by attending a showing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show movie together if it’s playing at your local theater.

    I would say to start the party with the movie after all the guests arive. Just in case some of them haven’t seen the movie. You know, the people who’ve been deprived of amazingness? haha

    maybe you could have a time warp dance off. That’s always fun. make sure everyone knows how to do the time warp. if they don’t, it’s not hard to learn. after all, it’s just a jump to the left. and then a step to the right. you put your hands on your hips, and bend your knees in tight. it’s just a pelvic thrust that really drives you insane. Let’s do the time warp again.

    Or do RHPS trivia. if she’s a fan of the movie, she’ll definately enjoy that. If you need help, message me. i have nothing but time to waste. And why not spend it on something that i enjoy? i can never get enough of Rocky Horror. If you want, I’ll write up all the questions and answers.

    Buy some boas. that’s always fun. and party hats. like the one Frank wore in the dinner scene. you could make a banner that says “don’t dream it, be it” or something.

    when you watch the movie, use props like they would in the theater. make sure to have a mat down on the floor to make it an easy cleanup.
    props could include rice, newspapers, lighters, cards, toilet paper, etc.

    anything else, just message me. =)
    i wish i could’ve had a rhps b-day party. i just had my 16th birthday last month and i didn’t even celebrate it.

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