Meat Loaf On The Rocky Horror Show – Part 1

katieanne4eva asked:

Meat Loaf talks so much about his time on The Rocky Horror Picture Show he runs out of tape!


  1. webboffin says:

    Meatloaf is handsome.

  2. A musical genius who seems as if he is the guy next door. Great talent.

  3. Yes, you think I was gonna type it? ***! LOL Any other personal message is all true, get over yourself LOL Sheesh!

  4. BrainyBoy1200 says:

    you copy pasted that of wikipedia didnt ya *whispers* idiot lololazer

  5. Someone give him a Melvin.

  6. AtlasTravis says:

    His name was Robert Paulsen.

  7. Michael Lee Aday (born Marvin Lee Aday; September 27, 1947), better known by his stage name Meat Loaf.

  8. His name was Marvin

  9. grooveattitude says:

    I frickin laughed my *** off listening to this!!

  10. Dr. Frankenburger? You Dr. Frank-n-Furter? lol

  11. nimbeljack says:

    His name was Robert Paulsen.

  12. sarahdear1149 says:

    i love eddie! and columbia!

  13. hopelesslyderanged says:

    This movie is Timlicious.

  14. moviegurl16 says:

    okay i watched this movie and i was jst very disturbed how did it become popular? its horrid!

  15. BullyThePucky says:

    I’ve never seen this, thank you so much for putting it up here!

    Meatloaf did such an awesome job at Eddie.

  16. haha i love that movie….

    “this is bob…bob has ***** tits”

  17. Freekchild says:

    BOB HAD ***** TITS

  18. Amishacker says:

    who doesnt know what it means. Should be the Question :)

  19. meatloaf02201994 says:

    yes thats meatloaf now lol hes the best lol and the thing is my dad looks just like him backthen and now

  20. Whoooo, fish net!~

  21. “I’m not doing a play where some guy’s wearing fishnet stockings! What kinda play is this?”
    “And i’m very naive anyway, i don’t get *** jokes half the time. So-”
    I don’t know about you, but that made me LOL! XD

  22. RonAlmeida says:

    This interview really exhibits the difference between naive Americans and Europeans intellectually.

  23. DeviousNutria says:

    His name is Marvin Aday

  24. dawncherry7 says:

    I always have been and always will be in love with MEATLOAF!!!

  25. mandy199422 says:

    lol im surprised that we all know what rhps is!

  26. Ooooh, gotta love Rocky Horror! Thing is, it’s a musical, and the sginnig and dancing make up for the story, which, despite its weak plot, is funny. So it’s not all bad. As for books, it depends on what you mean by bad. Is it full of typos and grammar gaffes, but about characters I’ve quickly come to love? Or a plot that keeps me guessing that I have to find out how it ends? Things like that can make up for some badness, just depends on what the bad is.Jennette Marie Powell recently posted..

  27. It’s posts like this that make surfing so much pleasure

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