Need Ideas For A Rocky Horror Themed Birthday Please?

Tash001 asked:

I am holding a Rocky Horror themed party for my mums leap year birthday. She will be turning 11 (44) and she would of been 11 in 1975 which is when Rocky Horror came out. I just need some ideas for decorations and things :)


  1. ♪bobbyBlues♫ says:

    You need lots of dry toast, newspapers, spray-water bottles… I remember that is what we brought to the movie theater when we went to see the movie…. Of course I would also recommend watching the movie and trying to copy the decor in the movie… another thought, that might be a bit too elaborate is to have a banquet table whereby if you removed the cloth, underneath it would be a glass table-top with “Eddie” underneath the glass… or your could just have “meatloaf”.

  2. kill_yr_television says:

    Get enough cheap sunglasses and top hats for plenty of “Transylvanian” group photos. And be sure to include lessons in dancing the Time Warp.

  3. party hats, noise makers, and pearls!

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  5. You’re the one with the brains here. I’m watching for your posts.

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