Need some creative ideas for my daughters 16th birthday party- Rocky Horror Picture Show theme?

Julia asked:

Ok all you creative people. We are planning my daughters sweet 16th. She want's a Rocky Horror Picture Show theme. We need all the cool ideas we can get for decorations, games, etc. I want to make this SUPER special


  1. peavypeavy says:

    not a very common theme, but if it’s something i had to work with, i’d decorate with objects like leather corsets, wigs, makeup, stockings, etc.

    as for games, i honestly can’t come up with anything that would be age appropriate. ha. good lucky anyways.

  2. You guys definitely have to do the time warp. As far as decorations you can go buy a bunch of those inexpensive boas (actually on Oriental Trading you can buy them by the dozen) and red lipstick and give it out to guests. You could even make a goodie bag with all the things you would usually get when you go watch the movie (a roll of toilet paper, confetti, a lighter, a newspaper, etc.) and watch the movie at midnight.. make everyone sing along and use the props. You could also get a cake that is decorated in a RHPS way and instead of just writing ‘Happy Birthday’ on it you can write a quote from the movie like ‘Don’t dream it, Be it’ or something like that. Sounds really FUN!