Richard O’Brien Night Flight Rocky Horror 10th Anniversary

DugNY30 asked:

The long defunkt Night Flight's tribute to the 10th Anniversary of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Interview with Richard O'Brien, Meatloaf and Sal Piro. Footage from Beacon Theatre Party.


  1. superrad1337 says:

    I feel like Richard is raping me with his eyes.
    And I’ll be damned if I mind.

  2. TonyisManic says:

    “I don’t understand it, the movie has apparently grossed in excess of 60 million dollars, I find that astonishing, I should be rich.” LOL I LOVE RICHARD!

  3. Richard O’Brien was an early shaved-head guy. Back then, it was really unusual for a man to shave his head, so it made him even weirder.

    Now I too shave my head, but that’s ’cause I’m pretty bald. In 1985 (when this interview was done) – and especially in 1975 (when the movie came out) – I had hair aplenty.

  4. TheSunmanho says:

    American women are so ugly.

    look at the THING at 03:55

    it has a face like horse manure

    ugly white bitches

  5. I know Rich and Sal piro… Hell i got both of his capes (Sal piro). then i went to oakly court in windsor england, were it was produced.

  6. Godzilla987 says:

    Richard is sooo hot!

  7. Good to see this surface on YouTube. I taped this off television, myself, that night in 1985. I was 14, and already a huge RHPS fan, attending midnight screenings and the whole bit. I’ve still got my aged VHS of this broadcast, but now the younger crowd can see it.

  8. skeletonowl says:

    chill bro

  9. pinksakurablossoms says:

    I love his voice.

  10. Banminator says:

    i remembaaahhhhhhhh!
    doin the tiiime waaaaaaaarrrrrp!!!!

  11. they didnt mention that it was the movie, fame, that really brought the movie to national prominence

    and rocky created cosplay

  12. Mammamia2345 says:


  13. XxMissNoNamexX says:


  14. jediKnightreviews says:

    wow, those are great fans. i’m a big star wars fans, so i dress up frequently as jedi and whatnot. love the togetherness of it

  15. I was just out playin about here and found this
    oh bay it braught back some good and not so good times doping the show
    met and married my 2cnd wife while acting as riff raff for the st louis floor show gruop,
    and after 18 years can still do that high kick he does
    this was neat to see

    big O

  16. I’m currently working on a production of Rocky at my college. I’m playing a phantom and I’m just having a blast.

  17. maryjaneadkisson says:

    I played Janet, my daughter was a regular Magentafor 3 years. I miss doing it sooo much!

  18. Thanks for this. That was a great night. Not that you can tell it was me on stage at the Beacon.

  19. Delilah4eva816 says:

    i love him so much…..

  20. aikenatlas says:

    I have had more fun at this movie than most have had in a lifetime. If you have never seen it (virgin) please DONT rent this…go find a cinema that is showing with a FLOORSHOW (Yea! Floorshow) I paid over $200 for the video of this when it was finally released in 1990. I saw it in the movie house over 150 times and I was keeping a tally on the VHS box but stopped somewhere around 400. If you don’t like a good time….stay at home!

  21. Hah. “And remember don’t eat your pillow”

  22. AlexanderArts says:

    Pretty awesome.

  23. narbularity says:

    I actually love this guy so much !!!!!

  24. I’m in there too! I was The Criminologist onstage that night!

  25. You looked like you were 36.