Rocky Horror Anime Music Video

sleepwalkercc asked:

Gender roles in anime, excellent klipping. Hats off to whoever made it!


  1. evilmick66 says:

    It won’t start. :(

  2. MiyakoKoizumi says:

    Wow…that was…good…I like the ending!^-^

  3. RoseKitsune1 says:

    I like it think it went well together. And also I think that it’s, pretty funny too.

  4. queenofgamez says:


  5. jesusarisen says:

    lol is so funny

  6. brokensleeper says:

    … gotta say the Ash and cosplayer where pretty funny…


  8. whats the anime on 00.15?

  9. i believe that is magic users club, or mahou tsukai tai

  10. Kagebushin01 says:

    whats the name of the anime with the guy who gets the broom up the bum?

  11. Jimilee87 says:

    Never a main character? I’ll challenge that philosphy!!

  12. OriginalBoyakki says:

    Pretty funny stuff :)

  13. Good one! I liked it a lot.
    I’m putting on my japanese *********** uniform!
    And mom… I don’t care what you think!!

  14. roflol that was seriously funny.. Antici….pation is the best part of taht some ^_^

  15. blackstriker says:

    Only recognized.. Sailor Moon, Pokemon, Slayers, Steet Fighters (?) Ranma 1/2, Pretty cool

  16. TheGodMar says:

    I love this!

  17. jadekestrel says:

    that was so cool. i liked the last bit with sailor moon, that was funny.

  18. TenchixRyoko says:

    Frank is Awsome! and that video really did a good job with the character sync and lip sync.

  19. DarkNYNik says:

    I think it was great how the character flowed with the video. Cant wait to see your next one!

  20. wiccachick says:

    Gotta love Frank 😀 For lack of anything you matched the timing perfectly and I bow down to you because I make music videos too and it’s hard as hell sometimes!

  21. Brilliant!!!

  22. sadadsa111 says:

    BTW, can I download this? I’d like to put it on my PSP…

  23. kudos, great work.

  24. TheParanoidOne says:

    Lmao that totally Owned (H)

  25. MarieCris09 says:

    Tonight, my Unconventional Conventionalists, we shall pop this newbie’s cerry