Rocky Horror movie showing on Halloween in New Jersey?

Erica asked:

I'm trying desperately to find a theatre showing Rocky Horror Picture Show in New Jersey, preferably near Bergen County.
I've seen one theatre but aside from it being far, they're only acting it out.
Help please?


  1. katressa_04 says:

    How about just renting it and watch it in the comfort of your home

  2. only place on halloween in northern new jersey is in bergenfield. go to this page. i went 2 years ago, the live acting is bad but isn’t that the point? bring your own props, their $2.00 bag is lame!

  3. local photographers have been out eoijynng our fairly dry fall weather. Leina Wade is shooting in Rocky Point Park, Rae Clevett is at Lafarge Lake in Coquitlam, and Lynne Bradford broke out the watercolours to show