Rocky Horror Picture Show Deleted Scene

mrdivot22 asked:

Deleted from the original film, this scene has Brad singing "Once in a While" after a romp in the hay with Frankenfurter.


  1. TrashYourself209 says:

    not much of a person who watches musical movies but this one i love :]

  2. campgalore says:

    Is this scene exactly as it would have featured in the film or were the ‘flashbacks’ added later?

  3. This scene is definitely missing, he’s got a nice voice after all, and it adds meaning to Janet’s impulse to do it with Rocky. Wonder why it was deleted? Perhaps in 1974 we weren’t as far along with the clear sexual innuendo between two men. Oh, yeah, I remember: this was BEFORE Anita Bryant.

  4. darkstorm0521 says:

    Once In A While should have been in the original release it would have set the sceen for the shock treatment movie

  5. Having been at the Hard Rock myself, I’d love for them to include all of that material. And yes, a few of my castmembers went up for the casting call they put out a few weeks ago. We can only hope they’ll get it right. But I have a feeling it will be an improvement.

  6. Interests2009 says:

    Very true. It’s hard to believe 10 years have gone by. I didn’t even have a DVD player when it first came out and I bought it just the same. Maybe, next year, it will be the same story (although with the Blu-ray.) I still have the version from 10 years ago still sealed. It would be lovely if they would add clips of the VH1 stuff shot at the Hard Rock Hotel in 2000, and at least update a few things. Certain RHPS actors are now dead. I heard they are casting for something in that DVD.

  7. I don’t mind if they port over all the existing content as long as they ADD TO IT and maybe include things like the full-length VH-1 documentaries rather than just snippets. As for the way it looks, they took great care to make it look great in 2000, and it far surpassed ANY previous home video release in ANY format; but again…that was ten years ago. (It was announced in late 1999, so work must have begun before that.) I’m trying to track down a great interview with the DVD producer,stay tuned

  8. Interests2009 says:

    Thank you. I forgot all about that until you mentioned it. I did notice differences in the colors with original (now more rare than I don’t know what) vs. later prints. I wonder what it will be like when all theaters have to switch to the DLP (digital light processing) system(s.) I just hope they don’t re-use anything. They always get our hopes up for something and then it’s a disappointment when finally released. We will indeed see.

  9. Well we can hope they will retain everything they got RIGHT with the 2000 DVD release and correct what little they got wrong, as well as add tons and tons of cool stuff. We shall see!

  10. Interests2009 says:

    Well, it looks like there will be a Blu-ray released after all (and it’s about time.) A VHS version was also released in 2000. I am glad I got my hands on all those things. It’s hard to believe 10-20 years has gone by since the good stuff was made. Since I have pretty much left the RHPS world, I am not up to date with my knowledge. It was nice to see Barry Bostwick in Hannah Montana: The Movie. In it, his name is ”Mr. Bradley” and he is an ******* (as in a despicable character.) there too :-)

  11. Interests2009 says:

    gemgirl63–Damn right! When I first saw it, I thought it was the greatest thing ever made. Now, I tend to side with those who think it’s stupid. Not only that, but everything in the movie makes no sense.

  12. Interests2009 says:

    superrad1337–Yes. The fans are and can be very livid. Been there done that.

  13. Interests2009 says:

    AZRocky–I hope they come out with a Blu-ray version of this movie. I also hope that, when they do release it (on Blu-ray), that they will put some new rare material instead of the old crap the dudes at 20th Century Fox keep re-using. At least they did something right with ‘Shock Treatment.’

  14. It was released on the 2000 25th Anniversary Soundtrack, which also included Sword of Damocles and Planet Schmanet Janet.

  15. So show her this footage as well as all the documentation of it (you know, like Barry Bostwick talking about it on the book “From Concept To Cult”) and I’d say you’ve won the argument….for whatever good that does you.

  16. It’s only on the second disc of the 2-disc DVD edition released in 2000 (re-released as part of a 2-pack with Shock Treatment in 2006). Prior to that it was originally released as part of the 20th Anniversary laserdisc in 1995 and then on the Special Edition VHS in 1998 (widescreen & regular)….all out of print now. But I suspect it will be on the forthcoming Blu-Ray release…..

  17. GirEatsChewyMeatPies says:

    It’s on the DVD? I’ve never found it. Could you tell me where it is?

  18. superrad1337 says:

    I love Barry Bostwick’s voice. I call him an asshole, but he’s my second favorite character.

    He’s very talented. Did you know he created the role of Danny Zuko in the original Broadway production of Grease?

  19. superrad1337 says:

    Yes it is a deleted scene. They shot this, and it’s an extra on the DVD. Not only that, this is in the stage show.

    Shut-it if you don’t know what you’re talking about, especially with Rocky Horror.

    I hear the fans are livid.

  20. this is a big fat lie b/c this is not a deleted scene from that movie

  21. NinjaRunner3000 says:

    I actually like this song because it does add a layer to the show. All the songs are flashy and whimsy, but this one really connects. Brad needs more to do, but I agree this cut is really slow. It’s nicer in the show when it’s a little faster!

  22. 2:23,is frank asleep or what?if not,BRAD U IDIOT FRANKS RIGHT THERE!!!!!!!!!

  23. daddysgirl490 says:

    best… movie… ever!!!! this songs a little slow, though. im glad they cut it. but its still great

  24. crap

  25. i’ve been having an argument with the girlfriend as she says this song doesn’t exist, even after seeing the stage version a few times also.

  26. Magenta Baby says:

    Ive wondered who sang this song for freaking ever….

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