Rocky Horror Picture Show Hot Patootie Bless My Soul

AKASHA9393 asked:

Also Starring Meatloaf As Eddie And Richard O'Brien As Riff Raff


  1. tsukiyoru19 says:

    This is like the world’s best movie… only counts if you see it in theaters at a midnight showing. *ahemTOALLYOUVIRGINSahem* This is a great song xD It will get stuck in your head until you sing and dance it out…. twice at least.

  2. chopperpilot5 says:


  3. TheFMproductions says:

    exactly nuff said right there

  4. toolongforyoutoread6 says:

    I wonder if they have a meat salad.

  5. FoxxieRaveUke says:

    Woooootttt Meatloaf! I loved this movie so much and the cast made it that much better ^^ I wonder if they have vegetarian meatloaf

  6. boomboombaboomer says:

    thank god they tanked the remake, theres no way u can match the talent of tim curry meat loaf and richard o’brien

  7. MicrophoneFarmer says:

    Just saw this last night in a theatre for the first time.
    EPIC experience. Everyone was SCREAMING to the lyrics including myself. XD
    And when Tim Curry came down the elevator shaft tapping his stiletto heels…I swear I could’ve died right there and then and been happy knowing that that was the last thing I’d seen and done.

  8. shoopdahmario says:

    Were having meatloaf for dinner again. XD
    I love the song. Reminds me of Elvis, Eddie also looks like him.

  9. akasha8302 says:

    I love this song…..

  10. MadFannyLaBouche says:

    yeh, there was a HUGE protest on the internet for people to sign this petition :) got over 30,000 people on it 😀

  11. jumpinjackflash1968 says:

    Glam rockabilly in mid seventies, in other words glam rock

  12. lol

  13. Meatloaf is amazing.
    No one can replace him.

  14. MissPerfectionist14 says:

    *sighs with relife* thank god

  15. cnmhistory9 says:

    don’t worry. I read that their not going to remake it anymore. THANK GOD!!!

  16. MadFannyLaBouche says:

    poor meat loaf D:
    why does he always die xD

  17. OmgMandMShow says:

    When you dressed up sharp and you felt all right?

  18. remaking it? No one can replace Tim Curry. He’s such a Sweet Transvestite

  19. squarebanana94 says:

    this is an awesome sound track to an awesome movie 😀 i can’t believe their making a remake :C they’re remaking drop dead fred too :C


  21. hot patootie bless my soul i really love that rock and roll

  22. lilshawty814 says:

    gahhh! i love meatloaf!
    this IS the most epic movie ever

  23. WyattGannsGurl says:

    I love Meatloaf!!!

  24. damn good question lol

  25. chloetheninja123 says:

    What ever happened to Saturday night?