Rocky Horror Picture Show Nuart Theatre Santa Monica CA

greglosang asked:

John Waters intro at Rocky Horror Picture Show Live Performance at Nuart Theatre in Santa Monica California


  1. you where a good looking Janet.

  2. i miss going to these…ours in Indianapolis got shut down.

  3. sexychicken638 says:

    I think that’s me as Magenta. Memoriieeeeesssssss!

  4. oh my goodness. I’m there, performing as Janet. Thanks for the trip to memory lane!

  5. I went to one last night! ITS AMAZING! I’m going to be a regular!

  6. Great video.

  7. phantomcentaur82 says:

    Back in the 80’s I was part of the “D.P.” at the Nuart……if there’s any other D.P.’s out there get in touch with me.

  8. In the 70s the heckling was got so out of hand you cant even here the movie

  9. i do this for fun at my house sometimes we have this big wall with a screeen and projector and i put this on and dance infront of it ahah im a loser sometimes

  10. Colleendelgado1 says:

    awe man, rocky horror’s wicked amazing.

  11. ProfesserChoas25 says:


  12. piratehouker says:


  13. we did the time warp 4 our talent show

  14. mallratter12 says:

    I think I oughta do sweet ************ for my school talent show.

  15. myself4422 says:

    Jown Waters scares the **** outa me

  16. cool…i wanna do this at my theatre its just gettign a cast together not that many people in my area as that entusiastic about rocky (im a UK fan)

  17. mannmannban says:

    what was that john waters video? do they play it for rocky horror at the nuart?