Rocky Horror Picture Show on the big screen?

AlexAlex asked:

The Orpheum here is showing the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Not live cast, just on the big screen in the theater. Are props/costumes still expected?


  1. Most people will come dressed up, though it’s entirely optional.

  2. Well from what i’ve heard most theaters do not welcome the props (at least the ones that get thrown etc.) because it makes such a big mess and they don’t want their theater trashed. Costumes are no problem but not expected.

  3. I’d say that it was optional and even if you don’t dess up bring rice, water pistols, a newspaper and some toast as props. I’d love to see the Rocky horror in costume – I think I’d make a cracking Magenta. I didn’t dress up when I saw it in the theatre and have since regretted it!! (I did take props and that was good fun.)

    P.S. make sure you know some of the ‘audience responses’ too . My favorite is ‘Hey Frank , whose pool is it?’ (just before he sings ‘ wild and untamed thing ‘!!)

  4. aladdinwa says:

    No more props? Man, that’s un-american. What fun is it without the props?
    :- (

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