Rocky Horror Picture Show – Over At The Frankenstein Place

keitorin13 asked:

I DO NOT OWN THE SONG OR PICTURE!!! Rocky Horror Picture Show - Over At The Frankenstein Place LYRICS: In the velvet darkness of the blackest night Burning bright, there's a guiding star No matter what or who you are. There's a light over at the Frankenstein Place There's a light burning in the fireplace There's a light, light in the darkness of everybody's life. The darkness must go down the river of nights dreaming Flow morphia slow, let the sun and light come streaming Into my life, into ...


  1. RocksNotDead101 says:

    *happy face*

  2. wicked dude. I always wanted to see a show, luckily I moved to florida and I think they still do them in Tampa

  3. toolongforyoutoread6 says:

    *person in back with ****** gun puts fire out*

  4. RocksNotDead101 says:


  5. miss those midnight shows! don’t miss my burnt thumb. : )

  6. toolongforyoutoread6 says:

    *accidentally sets newspaper in next seat on fire*

  7. RocksNotDead101 says:

    Thank god.

  8. RocksNotDead101 says:

    *readys lighter*

  9. Cursedhatedbetrayed says:

    yea but he won’t he refuses to even remember this production

  10. not barry bostwick singing

  11. natedogg0890 says:

    tim curry could play it again?

  12. Yeah, they canceled the remake. They never had permission from Richard O’Brien in the first place.

  13. FoxxieRaveUke says:

    I wish I had your mother as my mother XD

  14. o.o
    When I was a baby, this song was sang to me as a lullabye.
    My mother is an odd spirit.

  15. pantslikeyou says:

    i’d love to see robert pattinson try to do this role…just so i could laugh manically

  16. Cursedhatedbetrayed says:

    i agree…remaking this… i mean come on… some movies SHOULDN’T BE REMADE… the orriginals are to classic…. it’s sadistic to think hollywood has gotten THAT greedy… i can’t even think of one person that could possibly replace Tim Curry…with today’s actors they would go off popularity only and prolly fuckin… Robert Pattinson or some “hottie” would do it

  17. InterludeReality says:

    Thank god they cancelled it, that would have been SACRILEGE

  18. Riff Raff makes this one.

  19. Really they canceled it how awsome

  20. pantslikeyou says:

    i’m going to point out that you’re a fucking retard. this is one of the greatest movies of all time and things don’t always have to be realistic

  21. mabudachishigure says:

    well thankfully they finally cancelled the remake :)

  22. girlzrokk79 says:

    morpheus is the greek god of dreams
    morpheus not morphia.

  23. what remake?!? NO! richard o’brian cant wont and shouldnt agree to that. a new 1 wont have the same spoof/cult appeal or pauses for audience responses. the goofs and almost crappy but lovable qualities wont be there and it will become serious. NO!

  24. chuckielover06 says:

    Yeh, but they would be fans of the remake, this movie is great as it is, but all these hollywood fucks like michael bay are ruining everything we love, hes allready got to jason and now its freddys turn, just give up on the remakes and think about a new fucking story!!

  25. ironballsmcginley says:

    Flow morphia slow, let the sun and light come streaming
    into my life, INTO MY LIFE!!!!!!
    (love that part!!!!!)

  26. Just the type of inshigt we need to fire up the debate.

  27. That’s a nicely made answer to a challenging question