Rocky Horror Picture Show Science Fiction/Double Feature

AKASHA9393 asked:

Also Starring Meatloaf As Eddie And Richard O'Brien As Riff Raff


  1. frenchienofrog says:

    I saw this film over 20 times its sooo GOOD !!!

  2. punkmario06 says:

    the guy who played riff raff (Richard O’Brian) wrote the play and the screenplay, and this and i think most if not all the songs…..and yes its him singing now

  3. Warumono66 says:

    I went to a local rocky horror play and it was so much god damned fun. This movie is simply amazing.

  4. Ihateu9856 says:

    really? whats wrong with *******?

  5. Jazzarinaa says:

    movie is pure fucking genius .

  6. shadowlink220 says:

    that’s what this whole musical is about. duh!

  7. shadowlink220 says:

    BACK ROW *****!

  8. You said it!

  9. best fucking movie in the fucking world!

    brad is one lucky guy.

  10. billeyboy80 says:

    anal friction double peter –

  11. toolongforyoutoread6 says:

    It sounds like Riff Raff on the song Over at the Frankenstein’s Place.

  12. QUE BUENA PELICULA!!!! jejeje …saludos desde Sedna…

  13. xoxoMandieRosexoxo says:

    last night we had an interactive show- such a blast! we forced my virgin roomie from Japan… she thinks i’m completely insane now!!!

  14. Cursedhatedbetrayed says:

    what’s with all the swearing… this is a good song… i actually played columbia in a college review… i screwed my voice up so bad but i loved it… i miss that corset to lol

  15. CandeljacKDontSayHis says:

    I saw this at the college a coupel years ago…and there was this girl amber I knew who was like 15…and she was ******* and like…no one seemed to care
    Shit was fucked up

  16. RocksNotDead101 says:

    Lmao. Why are people giving you thumbs down?!

  17. shoopdahmario says:

    ;( so sad.

  18. your grandpa is very cool.


  19. harleyormro says:

    ieatbikers did you see them live if so when andwhere i just saw them message me


  21. TeaBitch89 says:

    yeah same! i love this film now prety much know it off by heart

  22. A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, god said let there be lips, and there were lips, and it was good.

  23. IEATBIKERS says:


  24. I was named after this movie. My name is Brad, and if I was a girl I’d be Janet. LOL, theres dedication!

  25. cathyrosemay says:

    I watch it all the time and the first time I saw it I was like 5 (that I can remember) it was my mums fav movie so it was always on lol ^^

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