Rocky Horror Picture Show – Touch-A, Touch-A, Touch Me

keitorin13 asked:

I DO NOT OWN THE SONG OR PICTURE!! Rocky Horror Picture Show - Touch-A, Touch-A, Touch Me LYRICS: (Janet) I was feeling done in Couldn't win. I'd only ever kissed before. (Columbia) You mean she... (Magenta) Uh-huh. (Janet) I felt there's no use getting Into heavy petting It only leads to trouble and seat wetting. Now all I want to know Is how to go I've tasted blood and I want more (Magenta & Columbia) More! More! More! (Janet) I'll put up no resistance I want to stay the distance I've got ...


  1. Haybale4912 says:

    ohmygosh thats awsome!

  2. oxamber614 says:

    i have a halloween card that sings time warp :] and me and 2 other friends of mine do the dance al the time :]

  3. diegoguitar2 says:

    che minchia di canzone

  4. No. They’re talking about knitting. XD

    I hope the 98 in your username is your birth year, or else I’d be really sad for you.

  5. WanderFilms says:

    Ah, I stand corrected. That makes more sense, anyway xP

  6. TheHumanApple says:

    Heavy petting is a euphemism for mutual masturbation, actually.

  7. XxWednesdayxX says:

    That damn ****.

  8. WanderFilms says:

    “heavy petting” = BEST EUPHEMISM FOR *** EVER

  9. dakotah185282 says:

    you mean shes ahh
    lmfao bessst part

  10. Im the Creature of the Night

  11. wallflowerfreak says:

    it was in Menlo Park

  12. MasochisticLion42 says:

    I’m seeing a midnight showing at my college tomorrow. ;]

  13. iseedeadple says:

    WHERE AT???? There are NONE around Charlotte, not enough freaks! The closest we got was sing-along which I missed.

  14. wallflowerfreak says:

    i just went to a midnight
    Rocky Horror!!! it was amazing!! :)

  15. randomnessrulez92 says:

    i just discovered this movie and i was surprised to find this was susan sarandon


  17. 123456cupcake says:

    i love this song !!!!1

  18. stojanovich says:

    you can find the whole scene from the movie on my account..just uploaded it yesterday 😉

  19. deeznuts831 says:

    creature of the night

  20. Sychodave0989 says:

    Creature of the night!

  21. universedark says:

    more more more, down down down XD very good

  22. better than Günthers Touch Me, I gotta say…

  23. SparrowhawkDeRaelia says:

    Innocent no more ;D

  24. chameleon426 says:

    r u a fucking dumbass? no shit

  25. RubyRedBabe says:

    lmfao its okay sweetie you’ll get it one day lmfaaooo you made my day 😛

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  27. This does look promising. I’ll keep coming back for more.