Rocky Horror Picture Show Toucha Toucha Toucha Me

AKASHA9393 asked:

Also Starring Meatloaf As Eddie And Richard O'Brien As Riff Raff


  1. heatherrnigga says:

    i thought she said “i wanna be daaaaaaddy”

  2. heatherrnigga says:


  3. ozwalled2007 says:

    tell us about it, Janet

  4. More more more =P

  5. Angiesshoreblog says:

    Hahah nice pun 😀 I give you credit for that one.

  6. yuyiguilghs says:

    Scarlet? i would be Magenta. LOL!!

  7. shadowlink220 says:

    OMG! my seat is wet! ew!

  8. stenergut says:

    “I wanna be diiiirty” lol

  9. XxperfectionlessxX says:

    lol when I first heard this song I thought she was saying “I wanna be a turkey!”

  10. lovefink2 says:

    anything more modern than Grease? Grease came 3 years after Rocky Horror Picture SHow

  11. Angiesshoreblog says:


  12. tenchi1018 says:

    sounds like your director lacks the drive to satisfy the public. every now and then, people do crave something like this, just for the *** moment at the very least.

  13. TiinaaXxXx says:

    Could you PLEASEEEE make one like this for time warp??? ^^

  14. loveleona123 says:

    U Meen She?!?….Uh Huh…..:P

  15. soulevolving says:

    sorry folks for wrong lyrics, ty EMSWrestler for pointing it out, was listening to damit janet on the stereo while toucha on the lappie, two colided in my head, sorry again :)

  16. Angiesshoreblog says:

    Lucky! All of us in stagecrew and a few actors wanted to do this for this year’s play, but our director won’t let us do anything more modern than grease, and we’re not allowed to do that too! He says we might do west side story or little shop of horrors :( still not as good/fun as doing rocky horror!

  17. Angiesshoreblog says:

    Oh gosh, I could imagine my friend making me do the same thing! I would be scarlet!

  18. EMSWrestler says:

    Wrong song.

  19. TrAiLeRpArKbOyS1234 says:

    this movie was weird

  20. pirateatheart123 says:

    that was so gross how Dr. frank-n-furt had *** with both of them!!! But funny!!!

  21. tinkerella007 says:


  22. You mean modern songs cannot “toucha toucha toucha” it, right?

  23. swordmaster5135 says:

    janet is a ***** hehehe

  24. soulevolving says:

    ohhh its better than Betty Monroe has, now u have met mum and u know dad lol, luffing it

  25. Wow. You’re brave. If I was in shape I’d do it in a heartbeat.