Rocky Horror Show – Live –

koishiro asked:

1997 Rocky Horror Show mix (the time warp & sweet transvestite) live.


  1. jackskellingtonsora says:

    I freaking love this Criminologist and this Riff-Raff. Probably the best Criminologist I’ve ever seen, and one of the best Riff-Raff’s I’ve seen, mabye the best.

  2. jackskellingtonsora says:

    Is there the rest of this show floating around on the internet somewhere or can it be purchesed somewhere. I don’t know what it is.

  3. lister0fsmeg says:

    I have a feeling the reason for holding microphones is that the camera guy or editer didnt want to use the in house PA as none of them are waring Headset mics expect for frank in his 1st shot.

  4. It’s tradition in the stage show to hold mics for the musical numbers, gives it more of a ‘rock’ feel. For dialogue they have head mics.

  5. jackskellingtonsora says:

    I mean Riff-Raff comes after Magenta, not Frank, 😛

  6. jackskellingtonsora says:

    Not crazy about Magenta’s voice, her makepu and costume is so awesome though, Frank’s voice is amazing, I love the criminologist, columbia is pretty good, i like her voice, Frank is just plain amazing in this one.

  7. ThePurpleSpeck says:

    Oh, I think it’s a nice touch. Bit of self-reference.

  8. bionic5543 says:

    elrota this is the European Live Tour which started in 1996.

  9. bionic5543 says:

    It was live, stage show. Sound from body mics and handhelds are completely different. Couldn’t get the rock sound needed through just body mics. The phantoms were the only ones with just bodymics because we were backup.

  10. Can somebody tell me….
    WHY are they HOLDING microphones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It fs up everything!!

  11. DrFlaxWebFLOO says:

    The movie is nothing like the stage show. I like the stage show better.

  12. I love Magenta in here I dunno why everyone hates her but I love her

  13. Crampaudio says:

    Seen in Milan, performed by the same cast… unforgettable! (even the after show at the mexican restaurant ;-))

  14. If you’re going to make an argument against the Rocky Horror Show, don’t mention the movie. It instantly invalidates your opinion. They really aren’t comparable.

  15. LambLovesLion62839 where did you think the movie came from this is wonderful that would make Ritz(richard)proud so go back to the movie theater.

  16. LambLovesLion62839 says:

    and janet cant act at all

  17. LambLovesLion62839 says:

    this is terrrrible…the dance is wrong…the singing is bad…they tried modernizing it and it is horrible…the movie is amazing..this suxxx

  18. MrIcebloc says:

    the badest magenta i´ve ever seen

  19. luneproducts says:

    Very good performance, the good thing is they aren’t nervous and ashamed of their role or such, which makes the acting really, really good.

  20. pepzithequeenofdork says:

    I really like this Frank. He have the same atitude like the original Frank.
    Not many have that sadly.

  21. actually live was amazing and Bob is one of my favorite franks ( and believe me in over 20 years of Rocky horror productions around the world I have seen a few…)

  22. it’s a promo video for the eurotour cast. the tour started in 1996 and ended a couple of years ago. with a mini tour revival this year in germany, switzerland and italy i believe. I have several programs and some cds of the production for sale in anyone’s interested. contact me.

  23. Have you seen the film? This Columbia is practically singing bass tones compared to Little Nell!

  24. drpepper242 says:

    I may have said this in the past but Riff totally OWNS this version.

  25. swordmaster5135 says:

    the girl playing columbia squeaks too much

  26. Going to put this artcile to good use now.

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