Rocky Horror Show San Antonio

Lee Marshall as Dr. Frank N. Furter in The Rocky Horror Show


  1. menace123abc says:

    i know what you mean :[
    but there’s a petition to stop it xD

  2. i can’t wait to see the show. i saw it last year and i’m planning on bringing my “virgin” friends to see it too. i’m so excited.

  3. I am going to your show soon have heard great things :)

  4. Nightshade4711 says:

    where do they show it in san antonio?? please tell me!!

  5. txtravelgirl says:

    Lee, I soooo wish I could have seen you! Awesome job, keep up the good work. How can we keep up with different performances from Lee?

  6. nerdymisfit says:


  7. WickedRoxxxxxx1215 says:

    nothing could beat the orginal but this is pretty good.

  8. KarmaKAOTIC says:

    oh dear god.
    it just wouldn’t be the same..

  9. Tamaralynn26 says:

    Heck yea, do a google search on Rocky Horror Picture Show remake plans :)

  10. RentIsMyLife says:

    They’re planning on making a remake?!

  11. Tamaralynn26 says:

    If they make the remake, Lee should be Dr. Frankenfurter – NOT NOT NOT NOT Marilyn Manson

  12. You rocked a million ***** in San Antonio this weekend. Thanks for coming back to town and showing us all a good time!

  13. charmed301 says:

    best thing since tim curry!

  14. Enjoyed it Lee.

  15. FUNCHOMCLALA says:

    Darn! It sounds good but wish it was an actual video and not a slide show. Congrats Lee!

  16. doronjosama says:

    Lee rocked my socks back in the day, and still rocks my socks now! So damn awesome!

    –A Tap-Dancing Groupie

  17. biglongtoe says:

    PS.i have only seen the movie and i love how he does it with a much harder rock tune love it.

  18. biglongtoe says:

    i loved it.the band is also great and it’s great he made the song his own it’s not better or worse than curry just his own i’m just tring to say i had no thoughts of comparison becaulse i loved it so much nothing but praise. bravo!!!

  19. lee marshall was the best!! thanks for uploading this

  20. ANewsom1980 says:

    absolutely amazing!

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