Rocky Horror?

CrystalRose asked:

I have never seen the rocky horror picture show and i was wondering if there is some where online where i can watch it. ne ideas please share, thanks.


  1. patriotnutrients says:

    the only way to get the full rocky horror experience is to go to the midnight movies where it is playing..

    you can hardly hear the movie soundtrack but it is well worth the theatrical fun!!

  2. This a very popular movie, why not just rent it and watch it with some friends or go to the library and ask them for a copy (if they don’t have it they can borrow from another library for you).

    This is one of those movies that are the most fun when watched with others.

    My son and I watch it every Jan when the Super Bowl is on since neither of us are into football. So instead of a Super Bowl party we have our own little Rocky Horror Picture Show party.

  3. it is way overrated. I didnt enjoy it

  4. I have seen it hundreds of time, but I am sorry to say; any on line experience would not give you the same good feeling as watching it in a theater. Sorry, you would just have to rent the movie and watch it at home if you don’t have a theater near you playing it……hopefully you will be able to “do the timewarp again”.

  5. Fire_God_69 says:

    Watching it online or renting it is a complete waste of time. the only joy of seeing it in a theatre doing all the dancing and throwing of toast, etc…

    Find where its playing and bring all the props you will need. I suggest looking up on the Internet to find out what you need and what you will do in what parts. Then you will truly understand what the Rocky Horror Picture show is all about.

  6. carolinagrl says:

    Okay, this movie is not one you just sit down with a bowl of popcorn and watch. You have to “experience” TRHPS. There’s no other way. Find a local theater that plays the midnight showing, put on enough makeup to look like a clown, throw on some fishnets and stelettos and your on your way!

    check out this website for more info.:

  7. LimeHunterBEM says:

    I won’t tell you where to see it for free :) But you can buy it on eBay cheap – VHS goes for around $4, DVDs for $8 or more, depending on which version you buy.

    You could go to theatre showings, but there’ll most likely be a lot of shouting that you won’t understand, and that shouting makes it impossible to really pay attention to the lines in the movie. I wouldn’t go to theatres until you’ve seen the movie at least once. It helps if you buy the DVD with the “audience participation” audio track…to prepare you for the theatre crowd :)

    If you decide you like the movie (which I can’t imagine you wouldn’t), then you can go and get the “full theatre experience” in theaters. RHPS is definitely enjoyed more when you’re with a crowd of fans.

    Lucky you – RHPS is especially popular in theaters around Halloween. 😉