Ruzsa Magdolna – Rocky Horror Picture Show – Time warp

pirilszl asked:

Hungarian Idol 2006 - Rúzsa Magdi


  1. acehasreturned14 says:


  2. baszkifasz says:

    yes of course:)

  3. summergirllikeme says:

    Barna nagyon beleéli magát:D:D:Daranyosak:D
    Magdi a legjobb az eddigi megasztár győztesek közül !! Csak így tovább^^

  4. timicica1983 says:

    yep, but it was years ago :)

  5. VeressT82 says:

    Yes 😉

  6. Did she win ?

  7. jackskellingtonsora says:

    LOL!!!!! I love that this song was on an Idol show! That girl pwns so much!

  8. szia! tetszik, ahogy leosztottad a népet! :)) nagyon jók az érveid, teljesen egyetértek velük! hali! :)

  9. Nagyon jóóóóól csináljaa:)) Imádoom!! Iszonyúú jóóó hangja van!! őstehetség.. 😀

  10. WoodRatGirl says:

    Lol @ the security guard’s serious face!

  11. WoodRatGirl says:

    She’s awesome!

  12. I love rocky horror show and of course Tim Curyy!!!! :))

  13. LouiseMayyx3 says:

    this iss amzing!
    itt probally was sooo hardd (:
    i love, love, loveee thiss moovie!

  14. chikachikaRANDOM says:

    she is great! it sounded so good. [:

  15. isongalolo says:

    5. If you think you can sing Time warp (or any other Rocky Rocky Horror Picture Show song) better then this, please post your video on YouTube, I’m sure everyone will be pleased to see your performance…….

  16. 4. She is NOT Magenta! No person in this planet will sing this song EXACTLY like Magenta did, every of us is unique. She is not trying to copy Magenta or be Magenta, she sings it on her own way, and as far as I’m concerned it’s a great performance. It’s far more hard to be YOURSELF, than to just copy other people, don’t you think?

  17. isongalolo says:

    3. By the way, I speak 6 languages (unfortunately not perfectly, but I try my best) and I never been told of for talking or singing on any of them. What is wrong with you? If you take this like offence, then you’ve got problems body. She performed mainly in Hungarian during the show, but she did sing on other languages as well, like: Romanian, English,etc. I think there is nothing wrong with this.

  18. I think this lady is great!
    Please consider:
    1. She or the audience don’t understand the lyrics, never seen the movie or have any idea what Time warp is….so how you can expect them to dance it?
    2. The bodyguards are there to stop anyone who could disturb the performance (You don’t want someone to ask her for an autogram at the middle of the song, do you?). Hungary is a free country, the communism ended 20 years ago, if you don’t know this maybe you should take some history lessons.

  19. Chanhassen91 says:

    Végre egy igazi magyar tehetség!!!!

  20. Aphidboy says:

    Just wait until she tries a few of Jennifer Rush’s songs. Wouldn’t that be great?

    This lady is the singer we’ve been waiting for since Janice passed over the rainbow.

  21. Hercsulina says:

    Azért az se semmi, hogy Magdi 19 évesen, autodidakta módon, egy kis faluban érte el ezt a szintet és ezt a magabiztosságot. Csak így lehet hitelesen előadni valamit, ennyire magabiztosan .
    Egyre jobban csodálom ezt a nőt.

  22. AnimeLover1901 says:

    ^^ she was really good! i thought it sounded great. her accent was great for the song i think. but the aduience dosnt really seem into it :( there kida standing there like 0.0…hmm maby there more calmer then americans at these kinda shows lol

  23. johninlongmont2 says:

    isn’t the REAL one available somewhere?