Sweet transvestite(Rocky Horror Picture Show)

FiltheeSepsis asked:

www.youtube.com ^^Go there for details on how to stop the remake! The song Sweet ************ from the the movie The Rocky Horror Picture Show. I love Tim Curry: ) Sorry that the words and the music don't match sometimes.I would fix it but I don't know how. Jesus Christ! 26000 views already? Hail Frank N. Furter.


  1. PsychofanGal says:

    I know! Throughout the whole movie my mother kept saying : “Tim is a GOD. Look at him running around in those **** pumps!”

  2. therealMRDEVIL says:

    man he is the coolest guy and i wish i got to meet him

  3. garciadayna says:

    He’s so ****!

  4. this is so fucking mest up

  5. BlackWolfessUSCM says:

    MTV Films haulted production of the remake. The last thing we need is MTV Fucking up more classic shows and movies. We need to shut MTV Down Now.

  6. I remember seeing this long ago, Tim Curry is the only one that can pull that off.

  7. woop i went last nite in b’ham dressed as Riff-Raff. Should have gone as Dr Scott tho :)

  8. MountAnalogue says:

    I’m surprised this doesn’t have more views. I mean a video of some Jamaica guy laughing has 3 million views. This only has around 300,000. And yet it’s such a genial film. Absolutely amazing.

  9. I’ve already commented on my mention of my love for his voice but Must also mention as I did 30 years ago when I wore the same style of high heels (only all in black). Yes I am a woman but I was a dancer too and those things were murder on the calves and ankles. He ran, jumped and skipped in the damn things…even going down stairs.

  10. TheElectricDreamer93 says:

    Man, Tim is freakin awesome. He has an awesome singing voice

  11. LegendJuice says:


  12. FiltheeSepsis says:

    I feel the same way. I think I’d like to just take his lips and keep them next to me always so they could narrate my life,and I could always hear his voice when I wanted to talk : D

  13. rockisheaven says:

    I can’t decide if I want to make love to Tim Curry’s voice or have it narrate my life. GOD.

  14. LOve It!

  15. Dragonmania85 says:

    i love his voice

  16. i saw this movie about a hundred times and love it every time!

  17. brokenbabyrai says:

    this is tim at his best. and for a man he has extremely nice legs.
    one of the best movies in the history of the world

  18. cjcullen2007 says:

    i did this play at school ima try to upload our version haha i love this movie =D

  19. twilightsymphony says:

    my favourite musical!oh my god tim is aaaaaaaaaamazing

  20. boomboombaboomer says:


  21. HPtookovermylife says:

    nice legs lol I WANNA SEE IT SO BAD

  22. SkullCupcake24 says:

    lmao i love this!

  23. idontbakenocookies says:

    i`m going to have my lips done like his.

  24. Msclassy23 says:

    Seriously? The best you’ve seen? …

  25. Damn !

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