The Drew Carey Show Rocky Horror Picture Full Clip

DarkoDeluxe asked:

Clip of the final episode of the 2nd season


  1. save it for next year or the next time you have the crowd over.

  2. that’s why my grand-daughters rather go out with me than their old mother!!!

  3. ObscurityMiss86 says:

    @uneek919 I forgot I had the video so I just put on Night of the Living Dead at my Halloween party. Which I know is a classic, but if I’d remembered I had the tape I would’ve put Rocky Horror on instead and we might have had an even better time.

  4. ObscurityMiss86 says:

    @uneek919 You rock, whoever you are! =)

  5. therealMRDEVIL says:

    rocky horror FTW i loved this episode

  6. Sephiroth21682 says:

    haha, carry is in underclothes, guess no one wanted to see him in man thongs and guarder belts 😛

    I love rocky horror!

  7. paige0334 says:

    Rocky Horror DEFINATELY won!

    The Rocky Horror Picture Show always wins, and will always be the best!!!!

  8. talluncoguitarist says:

    fukn love Rocky Horror, makin a Frank-n-Furter costume as we speak for my next party…. i’m aussie tho so i have a soft spot for Priscilla but its Rocky Horror ALLLL the way!

  9. I believe you’re right, seems like last year!!!

  10. Remington61189 says:

    you proberly were in your mide thirties when it came out

  11. wewillrocku123 says:


  12. so glad u enjoyed it, I’m pushing 70 and still a Rocky Horror Picture Show wacko, welcome to the club!!!

  13. DanielleDeshongAct says:

    Im 13 and my mom showed to movie to me on TV and I was like Why is she talking to it….AND ITS REPLYING??!?! Then she explained about the experience. I love this movie now so much. Sure my friends think im a Wacko…..But Im a Rocky Horror Wacko!

  14. KiernanMooney says:

    Hahaha. That’s what I did. Great fun.

  15. it’s a tradition, you have to see it at midnight on Halloween, too much fun

  16. i went to see this movie yesterday and it was the best thing ever!!!!!

  17. mizzloudalarmclock says:

    nooooooo. its a rocky drag-off.

    cops – fail.

  18. ChincoteagueChick says:


  19. Drew Carey show pre-Ferguson leaving was always brilliant XD

    I miss it.

  20. What are you talking about? The movie itself is GREAT! XD

  21. ilove2write says:

    OMG that is funny!!! i went to a show last weekend it was fucking awesome!!!!!!!!!!

  22. FlamesKnightX12488 says:

    Rocky, Rocky!! :trumpet: dun dun dun dun… (FLYING HIGHER!!!)
    no? no? oh , wrong rocky! hahaha

  23. SkyExplosion says:

    I have been I anwsering a comment a a page or so back.

  24. TheCartman89 says:

    fuck you pig give me some bacon

  25. younger1968 says:

    This is cult movie. It is quite the experience if you have not been to the movie before. Remember the movie is not that good, but, it is what people do at the movie that make it fun, especially around the lines like hey rocky that is no way to pick your friends or whats for dinner? (meatloaf) or hey look its the village people, lol

    I used to go see this move at midnight in London, Ontario and it was quite the experience!!