the lips in the opening credits of rocky horror pic show?

pinkpiggies13 asked:

who sings science fiction, double feature on the opening credits of rocky horror pic show? and whose lips are they?


  1. Richard O’Brien sings it, he also plays Riff Raff, and they are his lips

  2. first answer is wrong.. the lips belong to Patricia Quinn (she played Magenta) ..

    I have the VH1 special on tape where they interviewed her about it.. it’s also on the special features of the 25th anniversary edition of the DVD.. Richard O’brien sings it, but it is her lips..

  3. That’s outrageous that you took the pruovies comment down. You’re right it is a blog, and blogs are all about immediate and free interaction.The level of grammatical, usage, and spelling errors is egregious.Weree you honestly a teacher?