the rocky horror picture show.dammit janet

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dammit janet


  1. TonyisManic says:

    The naivity of that last statement is a fail on an astronomical level 😀

  2. The river was deep but I swam it…SLUT!

  3. abacab987 says:

    the little french daughter of a diplomat was before the queen of england. she had practiced a little english, and addressed the queen with “I wish for you big penis” at which time her father quickly stood up and exclaimed to his daughter while waving his arms “HA-PEE-NESS!!!!

  4. kootypattoo says:


  5. blueeulbdude says:

    I was virgin this halloween but now I’m a RHPS ***** lol XD

  6. Denton – “The Home of Happiness!” :))

  7. Quentin242451 says:

    Better yet, why is their a church right next to the cemetary?

    And I dont mean by it, I mean right next to it. There’s nothing even sperationg them.

  8. why is there a fucking billboard in a cemetery!?

  9. Screenplaya says:

    Suck it, fuckers. If your vid is is a fucking still, you are lying, Good trick, morons. Congrats.

  10. IncubusRULES1024 says:

    Not a virgin. But also not immature :)

  11. That’s the tradition. You must’ve been a virgin….

  12. procrastinator03 says:

    It’s called “American Gothic” by Grant Wood.

  13. Did anyone notice that in the movie in the pool there is a Michael Angelo painting under the water and in the begining of the movie the two old people are suppost to be representing a famous picture too?

  14. That is what the two people are suppost to be based on

  15. IncubusRULES1024 says:

    I went to a showing of RHPS and people were yelling and screaming in the audience at the screen. It made me so mad and was such a waste of a night and $9. What a stupid way to ruin a movie.

  16. Nightmastercool97 says:

    i was laughing at this part partly because of the farmer and his wife looking stern and serious because it reminded me of the farmer and his wife in a very famous painting.

  17. Frank: Jannet you must be proud of him (Brad)
    Audience: JANET, ARE YOU A ****?
    Janet: Yes, I am

  18. some people shout wanker at brad

  19. iDragonPS2 says:

    I love this. “I’m janet.” Everyone in the audience yells “SLUT!” And “Hi, I’m Brad.” So everyone yells “ASSHOLE!”

  20. squarebanana94 says:

    i noticed that too! and one of the paintings is in shock treatment too 😀

  21. hipelephant says:

    “Denton: The Home of Happiness” – The place where the follow up to the RHPS “Shock Treatment” takes place.

  22. Dragoniangirl says:

    All I can remember to shout during this song is just before Brad spells her name you shout “How do you spell ****?”

  23. AvrilRockerz08 says:

    I don’t know of anyone else noticed this in the film but as well as riff raff and megenta being the farmer people tim curry is also the vicar

  24. hahaha omg I do that too! LOL
    I went to a singalong thing of this and got cards saying “slut” and “arsehole” haa :)

  25. peterversionone says:

    Riff, Magenta, and Columbia are saying Janet and oh brad, riff and magenta are the two farmer people, you see a picture of the people they were when brad and Janet go to the castle