(The Rocky Horror Picture Show)/ Science Fiction-Double Feature

fce4 asked:

Rocky Horror


  1. sakuraCharlie17 says:

    man i love this movie… and this song. XD

  2. CeruleanWings says:

    Definitely – not only the fact that they both have disembodied lips talking, but the alternate script…when Magenta comes out in her alien outfit: “Hey Magenta, who does your hair, Dairy Queen?” lol

  3. The Dairy Queen commercials always make me think of Richard O’Brien now. XD

  4. TonyisManic says:

    Dana Andrews said prunes GAVE HIM THE SHITS! lol alternate script rules 😀

  5. 1:38

    At the late night…EARLY MORNING! double feature…ROCKY HORROR! picture show


  6. iheartjohnlennon says:

    2:04 scarred me for like the first time i saw it

  7. bunnyfromhell says:

    I love this movie! The ultimate in cult classics. I get to see it at the theater tonight as the late show. WOO!

  8. DarkestHour47 says:

    this movie is a mind **** lol

  9. CallingAllStations12 says:

    Love this film! Love Riff Raff

  10. when i first saw it about 20 years ago, i fell in love at once. the whole musical is like a crown, and the single songs are the diamonds. richard o’brian’s masterpiece. shock treatment isn’t bad as well, but can’t hold a candle to rhps.

  11. mattdogggg says:

    Best movie ever made!!!!

    Tim Curry is badass

  12. KakashixIsxHott says:

    I pretty much watch this movie religiously. 😀 It is one of my favorite movies EVER.

  13. TranceNNy says:

    Come to Universal Studios Hollywood for Halloween

  14. cocowizard1 says:

    i saw the musical a couple of days ago and it was so funny

    ainsley harriot was the narrator and he said something like whats over and someone shouted out your career and he pulled out a packet of cous couse lol

    na its great but its rude at some parts

  15. love this film

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  17. CrazyBanana510 says:


  18. piginawig2001 says:

    I saw this at the theatre on Saturday – love the RHPS!!!

  19. negrophiliac says:

    i MUST see this movie in a theater. ive seen it dozens of times on tv..anyoen know where i can see it in or near los angeles? google is no help at all

  20. jesulin40 says:

    Dioss me encanta esta canción, esta pelicula, Extraordinaria.
    Peli de culto para unos pocos entendidos. Esto ya no se hace. Es una joyaaaaaaaaaaa.

  21. my all time fave movie! i’ve watched it at least 100 times :)

  22. CDSuperTeam says:

    God!! These lips made me fall in love with this movie!!

  23. Science Fiction ….. Double Feature ….. Most cool


  25. MultiThunderstruck says: