The Rocky Horror Picture Show – Trailer 1

rhpsfanclub asked:

Trailer for the 1975 film The Rocky Horror Picture Show. ©20th Century Fox Film Corporation. All Rights Reserved.


  1. AliceCullenTH says:

    totally watching it now!

  2. PunkRocker666Metal says:


    Oh and before I forget: Yeah theyre remaking Wizard of Oz to as a remake/sequel…..kinda like what they did with Evil Dead 2.

  3. PunkRocker666Metal says:


    It’s not a sequel , it’s just a diffrent story in the Brad and Janet Saga.

    Or as Richard said: “It’s not a sequel , it’s not a prequel , it’s an equel”

  4. goneforever14 says:

    hahah best movie of all time, and tim currey is the ONLY person for that role

  5. 6devil6baby6 says:

    One of my fave films of all time! Tim currey is just brilliant! and not to mention **** 😉

  6. HPtookovermylife says:

    I SO wanna see this movie, so bad im currently reading a fanfic with all the characters and im curious

  7. urGUARDIANangl98 says:

    I love this movie i just watched it for the first time the other day and fell in love with it! Even though it kind of creeps me out a little bit it freakin’ awesome and sooo wierd that you can’t help but like it and the actors in it are amazing!

  8. CeruleanWings says:

    I just saw watched the entire thing for the first time on Halloween…totally mentally scarring, but totally worth the entertainment. I understand the cult following completely now!

  9. KenzieMarie24 says:

    i just saw it for the first time yesterday. it was the most entertaining movie ever!

  10. RocStarr913 says:

    Every time I’ve ever seen it, I’ve loved it more than the last time.

  11. hitchcockwannabe says:

    not at all what are you thinking

  12. hitchcockwannabe says:

    wow you dont even know his name wtf

  13. PsychoDragonX says:

    @ dude345678:

    Yeah. I know…. my cousin had it & gave it to me. Couldn’t make it past the first few minutes of it.

    I do agree that, with the exception of say BATMAN BEGINS/THE DARK KNIGHT, sequels usually don’t fare well at all… but sometimes they catch ya off-guard and do well.

    All I can say is whoever came up with the idea to remake *BOTH* RHPS & MONSTER SQUAD…should be tortured & have their studios shut down & be banned from making *ANY* kind(s) of movie(s)…FOREVER!!

  14. dude345678 says:

    They made a sequel. It was atrocious. called Shock Treatment…The remake would also inevitably fail, as perfect things should never be duplicated. It was a moment in time. it’d be like remaking…the wizard of oz….bad call

  15. sethdesade says:

    It’s supposed to be, numbuts.

  16. waste of money

  17. wat3rmonk3y says:

    dnt see it i garentee u u will walk out of there pissed and ps its *** as shit

  18. droool. I can’t wait till i see it

  19. TimeYearsFive says:

    i’m 16, i’ve seen it, 10 times or so, up at the Oriental in Milwaukee, WI. It’s such a kick *** movie / show.

  20. luvemusikk12 says:

    omg im 15 aand ive seen this years ago my mom used to love this!!

  21. MrSaturn33 says:

    lol i am seeing this in theaters soon. looks terrible. i cant wait!

  22. MrSaturn33 says:


  23. firefly734 says:

    i watched it when i was like four, it is awesome! I love it!

  24. PsychoDragonX says:


    Rumor has it someone is going to **** & ruin another cult classic that a lot of people once loved & enjoyed: “The Monster Squad”.

    I haven’t heard anything further than just the rumor, BUT, it’d be nice to see a SEQUEL rather than a badly, poorly, halfassed REMAKE of it.

  25. nicolekidmannn says:

    I first saw this when I was 5. So all of the 13 year olds either are wimps or have insane strict parents. My mom was a “groupie” for a shadow cast when she was 14 so…

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