The Rocky Horror Picture Show

sunnyd882002 asked:

#1 Glendale Airband


  1. maclellan999 says:

    whats the sprakly red jackets girls name?

  2. xjackie93 says:

    For them, yes, they jump stage right and THEN left to give us the image of them jumping left, then right.

  3. devilisous says:


  4. theoneandonlygrod says:

    Geez that guys like 7 foot 2!

  5. 18Tschegga18 says:

    holy **** that was great. you need alot of courage to wear woman clothes infront of so many ppl. thumbs up. 5/5

  6. the first gentleman you see on the screen is obviously riff raff. followed by magenta…thought it was kind of obvious but i guess not : /

  7. flyingfrogs27 says:

    only reason i can think of is that, since it is a live show, they were doing it from the audiences view. Never saw the original (i know) but seems like they could have just tried to make it easier for audience.

  8. rareness19 says:

    no in the begining of this video if you listen closely you here riff raff’s voice so the fat guy must be playing the character of riff raff

  9. erickmac88 says:

    I just noticed…..they actually jump to the right….and take a step to the left. but its still awesome.

  10. erickmac88 says:

    that was awesome.

  11. ChelBel816 says:

    pretty sure the kid in the beginning is riff raff the handyman. not eddie

  12. PunkRocker666Metal says:

    awesome , I also love when you guys say : AND THEN A STEP TO THE RIGHT!!!!!

    You step to your left XD

  13. STEALINGxLIVES says:

    That was awesome nice job guys

  14. I think they did a good job …

  15. The fat guy is playing in charicter as( Eddie, the charicter Meatloaf *the 70’s band* plays in The Rocky Horror Picture Show)

  16. Mammamia2345 says:

    whos that fat guy?

  17. luckygay90 says:

    it´s so amazing

  18. sweeeeeeeeeet!

  19. your magenta and columbia were great but why was she wearing a nun outfit?
    (ps im playing magenta this friday)

  20. briannakaulitz says:

    wow…this is amazing!

  21. Nicole644 says:


  22. XxMissNoNamexX says:

    I liked Magenta, but she would of been better if she acted more like the Vamp she is instead of a supermodel. That’s more Columbia-ish.

  23. where is this from? Is it a high school performance or something?

  24. shadowkitten91 says:

    then the second song is Sweet ************!

  25. shadowkitten91 says:

    The Time Warp from the Rocky Horror Picture show!!

    oh my!! go watch!!! haha.