The Rocky Horror Show

sftMusicals asked:

Tom Hewitt leads the 2000 Broadway revival cast in a performance of 'Time Warp' at the Tony Awards.


  1. jackskellingtonsora says:

    It’s pretty bad, but I enjoyed the performance anyway. The “Oh My Gosh!” at the end made me laugh.

  2. sugasoul189 says:

    omg this was horrible…it sounds lik the actors are out of breath…come on!!

  3. RocksNotDead101 says:

    I agree. It looks terrible!

  4. scarletlark says:

    Awful, awful version… Way too Broadway and too little camp!

  5. is that gwyneth @ 1:15?

  6. Wickedisnumba1 says:

    Awesome performance, but Alice’s mike was turned WAY up! @ 0:53 you can hear her heavy breathing while she’s dancing. Ah well, the Tony’s always have a technical problem of two, still rocks though!

  7. rhpsdavid says:

    I don’t think he was there that night I have seen Time Warp videos with Mark Price of Raff Raff and that sounds like his voice

  8. BradandJa says:

    I don’t think he was there that night, Ive seen video’s of Mark Price’s Riff Raff and this is the same voice

  9. nathannapier191 says:

    So where is raoul that def wasnt him as riff raff…=/

  10. This wasn’t Raul Esparza I believe it was Mark Price

  11. awsome

  12. aquadreamangel says:

    AH! I’m so glad I’m not the only one who doesn’t like Daphne in this :/ It’s all about Raul Esparza 😉

  13. musicalsarelife says:

    Alice Ripley

  14. SunshynMaker says:

    who’s playing Janet???

  15. celluloidcity says:

    lmao at alice, “oh my gosh!”

  16. TenTenPiemaster says:

    i dont like that magenta, lol, her mic was up too loud haha, but i love at the end you could hear “omg!” 😛

  17. nathanielcrocker19 says:

    i love in the end when alice ripley is jumping up and down
    that made me chuckle!!!

  18. jackskellingtonsora says:

    This is one of the freakiest things I have ever seen in my life. I love this particular song though.

  19. PhantomoftheMusical says:

    I really love this show but i don’t like daphne ruben-vega at all. She’s too shrill.

  20. i love evrything about the rocky horror show but i have to admit i never liked the tap dancing.

  21. cheesenedd says:

    too bad it doesnt have the the tap dancing

  22. PrivateTails says:

    phenomenal in my opinion

  23. bwayaerosonhedley says:


  24. carter1allen says:

    check out the soundtrack for this cast it’s really stellar

  25. mightymaniac says:

    Richard O’Brien liked it… That is good enough for me. And, besides it is a pretty fair interpretation of Rocky Horror.