The Sword of Damocles – Rocky Horror Picture Show (w/ Lyrics)

gonfiozombies asked:

[Rocky] The sword of Damocles is hanging over my head And I've got the feeling someone's going to be cutting the thread Oh, woe is me My life is a misery Oh, can't you see that I'm at the start of a pretty big downer I woke up this morning with a start when I fell out of the bed [Transylvanians] That ain't no crime [Rocky] And left from my dreaming was a feeling of unamiable dread [Transylvanians] That ain't no crime [Rocky] My high is low I'm dressed up with no place to go And all I know is ...


  1. dark133angel says:

    the sword of damocles is pretty much something that prolongs an upcoming doom, and its an old expression i think to say its hanging over my head… i hope that helps dude

  2. What is the sword of Damocles?

  3. kickballs247 says:

    I just saw the live stage show last night, and I must say twas epic.

  4. The movie does depict deviance, just as “Hedwig and the angry inch”, but when you go after your master’s degree, (sociology) one of the lessons learned about society is that EVERYONE ENGAGES IN SOME SORT OF DEVIANCE! Wealthy people can afford to leave town, and theirs is never disclosed. Judges, Priests, and the highest political figures are as guilty as anyone else. Deviance takes many different forms. Homophobes should enjoy the release of the antics, just think of it as an entertaining folly!

  5. Thats completely rediculous that people think you have to be *** to like this movie. It’s a musical that plays off the Science Fiction genre killing Horror genre. And it’s better than some of the movies that are coming out today.

  6. jackskellingtonsora says:

    Wow, your parents are awesome to love Rocky Horror so much! 😀

  7. Oh but it gets better! If I were a girl I’d be called Janet lol!! Funny that 😀

  8. jackskellingtonsora says:

    That’s awesome. lol

  9. jackskellingtonsora says:

    You’re gay, you love the movie.

  10. bentosareforever says:

    Does anyone know any good places for a midnight screening. It would be EPIC.

  11. CalpicoFan says:

    Aww, not Frank? XD

  12. What the **** kid…youre dumb! I **** people that insit that im *** cause i love the movie!!!

  13. lostinrosered says:

    My drama teacher made me a nd my friends make up a dance in class so we did the little dance that Riff, Magenta, and Columbia do! No one has seen the movie except for my teacher but she let up do it anyways ! Squee!

  14. 17, straight, and i love it. I was named after this movie (my name is Brad)

  15. samshabam says:

    ahaha. NO!
    its the best musical ever. why would you have to be ***?

  16. unnamable not unamiable

  17. Austinthe1st says:

    hell no. im straight as this letter ” l ” and i loved the movie, its gt great music and is very funny. i recomend you watch it.

  18. abigael2008 says:

    no, moron.

  19. no and im 12 ( dont judge me ) and I LOVE IT!!!!! its awesome… watch it!!

  20. Avatar1516 says:

    Nope. Rocky Horror accepts all.

  21. Razgriz117 says:

    No way, I’m straight and I just love this movie, I’ve gone to seen it several times. Its just a great cult classic movie.

  22. NO!!! 😀
    It’s not *** at all
    As long you don’t have problems with transvestits…
    WATCH IT!!!!!!! 😀

  23. xLizzieWayx says:

    Of course not!! It’s a very fun movie to watch, the songs and dances are very enjoyable. My favorite and I’m 14. And straight.

  24. haha, you made me laugh :))

    Watch it, please, and then share the experiences :)))

  25. no you dont anybody and everybody can really watch it alot of people who watch it arnt *** you should watch it its great im only 14 and ive watched it millions of times lol :)