The Time Warp & Sweet ************ the rocky horror picture show

vampgirl13 asked:

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  1. First, in about 1974, I heard one or two of the live cast recordings from the stage presentations of Rocky Horror, and I didn’t like ’em.

    Then, a year or two after the film was released – in 1976 or ’77 – I saw it for the first time.

    And then a few years after that, in 1979, I was the onstage host for theater showings of the movie.

  2. therealMRDEVIL says:

    great movie i cant wait to watch it at the Alamo draft house

  3. jhonwanegasey says:

    i like phantom of othe paradise better

  4. Fucking best movie ever! 😀

  5. AgentNovember says:

    HAHA love this movie!!!!

  6. rogue12158 says:

    O.O Le gasp! I can’t believe. I refuse to! lol

  7. RoxyMoron101 says:

    omg i love him in Muppet Treasure Island

  8. LoveKiraDead says:

    2:02 HAHA.

  9. SuperQueenofgreen says:

    The Best Ever. Richard o’brien is the best ever

  10. bookworm266 says:

    @rogue12158. Tim Curry was in that and played the very **** Long John Silver. Not in drag.

  11. Cypress77 says:

    If the sound quality wasn’t **** this video would be great.

  12. greenhearts9 says:

    same here! loved it so much!! cant wait to go to a show to yell “slut” and “asshole” lol.

  13. Rmarieyo3 says:

    I love this movie, its the funniest thing ever!

  14. bowling0001 says:

    this video is the bom

  15. rogue12158 says:

    errrrr, I haven’t.

  16. bookworm266 says:

    @rogue12158 You’ve clearly never seen Muppet Treasure Island.

  17. brianwildemusic says:

    I just can’t get into musicals… they’re actually somewhat frustrating to me.

  18. candicenlitantorrie says:

    wen i was younger this kin of freaked me out but i lik it now LETS DO THE TIME WARP AGAIN!!!

  19. SharaLoveyy says:

    I love this so much:)

  20. olivialynn101 says:

    hahahaha at my homecoming we did the time warp it was fun. i love this movie

  21. 11Doggielover11 says:

    Rocky horror is my fav Movie, I’d have to say Rocky is my favorite charater (:

    I **** how they scared him with fire, then sent the dogs out to find him x.x

  22. The two best songs from that movie in my opinion.

    But, touch-a touch-a touch me is pretty good too.

  23. you’re right on that one unlike Patrick Swayzy and Wesley Snipes in Too Wong Foo Thanks for Everything Julie Newmar.

  24. rogue12158 says:

    he’s only really **** when he’s in drag.

  25. jobrogurl18 says:

    OMG!!! best movie…the first time i ever saw it was at Universal Horror Nights and I had to rent it!!! Now I want to go to a midnight showing of this

  26. I can’t hear anntyihg over the sound of how awesome this article is.