Tim Curry “I’m Going Home” Live In Concert 1978

DugNY30 asked:

Here is something that will please all the Rocky Horror Fans! I can't think of any other live recorded video footage of Tim Curry singing "Im Going Home" from "Rocky Horror" outside his Dr. FranknFurter gear. On Tour in Chicago, Oct 1, 1978 at the Park West. Please forgive the quality of this footage. There weren't too many video cameras around back then. So seeing this should be a Real Treat! ** I FINALLY realized my date info was wrong. It was Oct 1, 1978 and not 1981..sorry** ... Rocky ...


  1. kingpita172 says:


  2. computerorphone says:

    I love him he is amazingly **** and just lovely looking with a beautiful personality along with his beautiful face & singing voice

  3. i hella know what you mean. id only seen bits & pieces b4, but then i watchd the whole thing last week 4 the 1st time, then went 2 see it @ midnite on filmore in sf a few days l8r, & hav watchd it like 100x since, & im in luv w/ tim curry. ive doodld pics of frank on everythn
    its legit the best musical ever. & so horribly easy 2 b instantly addicted 2. the music & story just cant get old. its amazn
    ive bin told i hav a problm
    if othr ppl can b obsessd w/ th jo-bros we can b obsessed with rocky.

  4. CatpurrRobertaBobbi says:

    At 9 my sister and her friends who went to see Rocky regularly at midnites taught me the Time Warp. At 14 I heard Anyone Who Had A Heart and I lost mine to his voice all over again. At 16 I finally saw bits of Rocky at a school dance and the scrapbooks of Rocky from the movie and stageplay made sense. Then I watched it all here on YouTube and anything Tim has done from interviews to IT and The Muppets. Thanks for your voice humour and talent Mr Curry! NOBODY rocks out in pantyhose like you!

  5. Beckpatton says:

    love love love it! thank you! x

  6. cdelgado6 says:

    I love that he messes up the words. That is so awesome

  7. Winter154 says:

    Me 2 lol

  8. dschonsie says:

    what a voice! best fnf ever.

  9. so sad RHPS was the 1st and the only real good movie that Curry was in

  10. PunkRocker666Metal says:

    0:31 Just listen to the cheering. THAT’S Rocky Horror right there.

  11. sundaydote says:

    I think I might be way too into Rocky Horror. I’ve only seen it for the first time a week ago… Many times over though.

  12. maddiepatadie says:

    tim Curry is such an insparation to all of us i think nd hes is such an amazin singer!!!!! i couldnt live wthout him cause his song acutally mean things! and thank you for finding this :)

  13. I love you for this

  14. sounds like about 2 or 3 black women.
    And they sound great just alittle loud.

  15. this truly is an amazing song. Tim singing is the cherry on top.

  16. NameInVainProduction says:

    What a f***ing performer!

  17. i so agree. He’s messing up Tim Curry’s song 😮

  18. Nightshade75 says:

    Loved Tim in RHPS. Likely the best performer in the film. This powerful performance moves me every time. I will watch this performance in adjunct to the film for many years. Long live independent cinema and Dr. Furter. :)

  19. gives me the tingles (L)

  20. bookworm1962 says:

    gotta love tim! this is one of the best songs from rhps

  21. huffglue666 says:

    th ap says i all, he really is starring as god

  22. vengefuldeathwish says:

    hell yeah!
    tims always brilliant! :)

  23. TimCurryFan1993 says:

    lolz i kno innit. tim woz brilliant tho :)

  24. TimCurryFan1993 says:

    aww it woz soo cute wen he went wrong :L aww i love him soo much!! XD

  25. TEMPmichaelhansen says:

    funny about the background singer-probably not mixed to blend in