What age do I have to be to see the Rocky Horror Picture Show?

Abigail asked:

What age do I need to be to get in to see the Rocky Horror Picture Show at the universal studios cinema in Orlando Florida? I'm almost 16


  1. 18 hun

  2. 20 years

  3. In today’s society… a 12 yr old can handle it.

  4. dymondQueen83 says:

    more than likely 18 or get a friend that’s 18 to take you

  5. You would have to be at least seventeen, since the movie is rated R.

  6. Probably 17 without an adult. Of course, you can rent it at Blockbuster if you haven’t seen it yet, they never check ID.

  7. At least 18 years of age

  8. Considering it’s on VH1 and other stations, pretty much as long as your parents say it’s ok. I personally don’t see anything wrong with it 16-18 should be fine.

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