What do I wear to a Rocky Horror themed party?

sawyer36lost asked:

My friend is having a party themed Rocky Horror and I know I am suppose to wear something risque, but does anyone have any good suggestion on what exactly that is?


  1. Check this link to see characters on costume:

  2. White bra and white panties or just something gothic and skimpy

  3. Panty hose, heavy face makeup, rose tinted glasses, and a transylvanian ID.

  4. Michelle L says:

    Be Janet. Wear a white bra and a slip. Whoever your date is can wear underwear and walk around saying “Damnit Janet!”

  5. Magenta – maid with wild red hair… black button down dress with a white apron. black stockings and stiletto boots.

    Columbia – easiest is when she’s wearing her blue striped pajamas and Mickey Mouse ears.

    Janet – white bra, white panties, white half-slip and white mary jane shoes (think very 70s). You could also go with the white labcoat over everything.

    Floorshow – black corset/teddy, black garter belt, panties, fishnets thigh highs and heels. They also have red ribbon on their garter belt staps. One arm has a black fishnet glove, the other a red sequin glove. Just drag around a feather boa with ya 😉

    But honestly, I think anything in “the spirit” would be fine!