What is a quick and easy Rocky Horror Picture Show costume I can make?

Classic Sara asked:

I just found out that the local theater is going to be putting on Rocky Horror... and I NEED to go. I would love to dress up, but I have not **** slightest idea how I can make a quick and easy costume. I have short hair so I thought about going as Columbia but there is no chance I can get a costume like hers in less than a week. Any ideas? If not just give me a heads up on how crazy these performances get.


  1. I will give you a heads up, Auditions are CRAZY!!! lol

    Your Friend,

  2. WOW,
    I love Rocky Horror
    Well you definatly need a feather bowa (spelling?)
    Maybe some leather gloves for appeal, and a really wacky outfit
    Sorry it wasn’t more helpful

  3. lol well im so jealous you are doing that show, if you wanna dress for the part wear underwear lol

  4. you don’t really have the hair for magenta, but she’s an option. you just need a short black dress, with an apron, fishnets, and high heels. and a maid’s hat for an added touch. feather boas are fun too.

  5. the easiest columbia costume would be if you went in pjs and mouse ears. in the second half of the movie she wears a men’s striped pajama set and micky mouse ears. visit cosmosfactory.org for pictures. have fun!

  6. Ha, Im looking for a rocky costume too (magenta, though)

    I suggest you go as janet instead, wear a bra and a silk skirt (you know what i mena, whatever she wears..a slip?)

    thats easy XD

    or just get stiped mens pajamas and mickey mouse ears and go as columbia

  7. MurphyBrown says:

    Go s Columbia, when her and Magenta are watching Janet/Rocky. So, PJ’s and Mickey Mouse ears!!!