What is the most famous line from ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’?

Englanddragon asked:

the musical 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show', i've never seen it but looks good...
I just wondered, maybe there is more than one memorable/famous line in the film so... what are the 2 most memorable lines in the film????


  1. Logan Berry says:

    It’s astounding
    Time is fleeting
    Madness takes its toll…
    Guests) Let’s do the Time Warp again.
    Let’s do the Time Warp again.

    (Narrator) It’s just a jump to the left.

    (Guests) And then a step to the right.

    (Narrator) With your hand on your hips.

    (Guests) You bring your knees in tight.
    But it’s the pelvic thrust.
    They really drive you insane.
    Let’s do the Time Warp again.
    Let’s do the Time Warp again.

    I love this show…always sing that song….

  2. Bog woppit. says:

    Don’t dream it, be it….
    Give yourself over to absolute pleasure…

    And one of my personal favourites…
    It’s not easy having a good time! Even smiling makes my face ache!

  3. the most famous thing from that movie would be the song ‘time warp’ and its a great movie and suggest you see it asap! it will change ur live!

    fyi the dance to time warp is pretty classic too!

    “it’s just a jump to the left,
    then u step to the righhhhhhhht
    put ur hands on ur hips
    and put ur knees in tighhhht
    and do the pelvic thrust until you go insannnnnne lets do the time warp again!

    i’m now going to go watch it YAY rocky horror

  4. Good?! Whatever…

  5. gothicmamma says:

    Frankie’s opening lines
    how do you do
    I see you’ve met my
    faithful handyman

    janet (panicking)
    I’m cold, I’m wet and I’m just plain scared!

    Magenta: I ask for nothing!
    Frank: And you shall receive it, IN ABUNDANCE!

    So come up to the lab and see what’s on the slab. I see you shiver with antici… pation.

    In just seven days, I can make you a man. Dig it if you can.

    there are so many, I could quote the whole movie here

  6. 1.I would like, if I may, to take you on a strange journey.

    2.Do you think I made a mistake splitting his brain between the two of them?

    Fantastic movie!!!

  7. Personally, I think every line from the movie is quote-worthy. Other posters have mentioned some good ones, but left out:

    1.) I’m just a sweet ************ from transexual transylvania! (sung by Frank)

    2.) I would like, if I may, to take you on a strange journey…(The Criminologist)

    3.) Come. We are ready for the floor show. (Frank)

    This is definitely a movie that everyone should watch in his/her lifetime. Get a bunch of friends together, and catch a midnight showing if you can. It might weird you out at first, but then you’ll find it rather liberating!

    Here is a link to several scripts complete with audience participation lines:

  8. So come up to the Lab…And see whats on the slab.

  9. Here are my favorites for each character

    Frank N Furter : It’s not easy having a good time! Even smiling makes my face ache!

    Frank N Furter : And what charming underclothes you both have. But here. Put these on. They’ll make you feel less… vulnerable.

    Riff Raff: And now, Frank N. Furter, your time has come. Say good-bye to all of this… and hello to oblivion.

    Riff Raff: You’re wet.

    Brad: Dammit, Janet.

    I thought there’s no use getting
    Into heavy petting
    It only leads to trouble
    And seat wetting.

    Dr. Scott: You’re a hot dog, but you better not try to hurt her, Frank Furter.

    Magenta: You’re lucky, he’s lucky, I’m lucky, we’re all lucky! ha ha ha…

    Columbia: Oh, slowly, slowly! It’s too nice a job to rush.

  10. pipi08_2000 says:

    I like the song Dammit Janet.

    “A mental mind f*ck can be nice”