Where can I find a hat like the one Susan Sarandon wears in the beginning of The Rocky Horror Picture Show?

theteabegreen asked:

I'm auditioning with Sins O The Flesh to play Janet Weiss in the Rocky Horror Picture Show. I'm making a screen accurate costume and need to find a white church hat like Susan Sarandon wears during the church scene. It doesn't have to have the ribbon, I can add that on myself. Please don't refer me to eBay. I've already searched eBay up and down. Thanks.
firemaster22191- As I said, eBay has nothing.

newyorkgal71- You did not answer my question at all and you are obviously not familiar with Rocky casts. It is practically unheard of for a Rocky cast to have a wardrobe department. Casts usually require their players to provide all their own clothing.

Paige C- Ooops. Sorry, I didn't mean to give your question a 'thumbs down,' I thought I was clicking on a different answer. I am going to check the goodwill tomorrow morning. :)


  1. firemaster22191 says:

    try ebay

  2. newyorkgal71 says:

    The wardrobe department provide hats, costumes, etc.

  3. Try some thrift stores, or local costume stores.