which movie is weirder – pulp fiction or rocky horror picture show?

DJJD asked:

Just a question of curiosity - Which movie is weirder (and only answer if you have seen both) - Pulp Fiction or The Rocky Horror Picture Show?


  1. rocky horror picture show definitely,
    but i think RHPS is the better film

  2. Rocky Horror

  3. ohh those movies are great haha i just saw rocky horror picture show for the first time today and i’d def say it was wierder…quinton terantino rules.

  4. The Rocky Horror Picture show definitely. Pulp Fiction isn’t really weird, it’s just brilliant. It’s also infinitely better than the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

  5. both are weird full stop

  6. Pulp Fiction is better. I saw Rocky Horror years ago, but it was before the whole audience participation thing. Without that it is a terrible movie.

  7. Visual Echo says:

    Don’t get hot and flustered, try a bit of mustard!

  8. greenbutterfly82 says:

    Rocky Horror was just plain weird. I enjoyed Pulp Fiction.

  9. RHPS in my opinion. Pulp fiction is a pop culture classic however, for more information on why you like these movies, go to the source I list below:

  10. When was the last time you saw people going to the theater dressed up as John Travolta and Uma Thurman?

    Rocky wins hands down as weirder, and better.