Why did Riff Raff kill colombia in Rocky horror?

Joseph T asked:

I have seen The rocky horror picture show more times than I can remember and can never figure out why Colombia had to get bumped off. This has been bugging me since the first time I seen the movie.


  1. Less than zero (<0) says:

    Not sure… Riff Raff and Magenta where pickin off everybody.

  2. rif raf was the over sear alian dude and columbia wanted carry on from where frank left of enjoying the power

  3. KiraJenLove says:

    Well, since Magenta was his sister, and he was only there to take Frankenfurter back to their home planet of their beloved (Gitcheegumee) Transylvania, he probably thought there was no need for her.

    “First one to scream gets it in the t*ts!” (ZAP!)

  4. she interrupts when he’s trying to take out frank.

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