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This web site is dedicated to live stage performances of The Rocky Horror Show. Inside you will find graphics and links to many live - on stage - productions of The Rocky Horror Show.

Please fee free to leave your comments, links and performance photos - on stage - back stage and off stage so that others may share in the experience that is The Rocky Horror Show - experienced LIVE.

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  1. Hello,
    Amazing! Not clear for me, how offen you updating your
    Have a nice day

  2. Hello. And Bye.

  3. Lee Marshall says:

    Rocky is coming back to San Antonio! This time it is the entire version instead of the concert version. It will be the last 2 weekends of Oct. at the fabulous Josephine Theater. Wooohoooo!

  4. disappointed! says:

    I can’t believe the San Antonio show is cancelled. Was looking forward to seeing Lee on stage again. Dammit Janet!!

  5. Hey ROCKY is back in 2009, at the Josephine Theatre, and although we will miss Lee Marshall (who is fabulous beyond words as you already know) we will have a good cast and lots of fun for the audience. Time constraints had made it hard to get Mr. Marshall in to SA. That’s showbiz. Lee gives us his blessing. You will not be cheating on Lee if you come and see this production. You will be supporting the Rocky Horror Picture Show, and all those who love and enjoy the music and story, which include Lee. So come on out and have a great time, let’s do it Transies!!!
    October 30th and 31st at 10pm
    Josephine Theatre

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