Amber Benson – “Creature of the Night” (Rocky Horror)

fettuchini asked:

Amber Benson (Tara de Buffy Cazavampiros) cantando en Rocky Horror Marathon


  1. JulieRacese says:

    Class and originality and funny ! I like it is like a smile soft and light !

  2. JamminJemma says:

    Good preformance, but she really isnt that good..

  3. she is so cute oO
    sometimes i really wish i would be that case the micro *_*
    i just love her and her voice

  4. dafunkeymonkey says:

    Luckily I wasn’t there, because I would have just ran up on stage and kidnapped her.

  5. tinamayrobinson says:

    lol imagine tara singing this! lol

  6. tinamayrobinson says:

    oh my god she is so funny, she sound bad but good at the same time lol

  7. hottydebbie says:

    amber roxs

  8. OSHAOASOIA says:

    Amber Benson is so amazing *-*

  9. TheRyanLeeShow says:

    i love amber sooo much XD

  10. kattecorn says:

    Shes an amazing singer plus she has a gorgeous smile

  11. SupaAceGrrl says:

    haha that was amazing!
    love her, such a cutie!!

  12. JustWillow8 says:

    is there anything in the world Amber Benson can’t do?

  13. rose8rouge says:

    Aww :)
    You could tell she was nervous but she was still awesome

  14. FushigiHito says:

    I think she’s very beautiful and she’s not like those anorexic actresses. She’s real and not some product of a plastic surgeon.

    Her beauty is natural. ^___^

    Besides she’s a very talented actress and writer too. She can even sing. XD

    You gotta love that woman. XDDD

  15. pheebslewillah says:

    I love Amber! ! she’s my fav. actress! !

    She NEED’S to come to France! ! !

  16. sageofsuccess says:

    I love you, Amber.

  17. johnhollyexperience says:

    This is awesome :D!
    I love you Amber Benson
    Such a talented actress, director, writer and singer. And for those of you who think she was a bit distracted etc she said in an interview that she wasn’t actually supposed to do the performance, someone else dropped out on the night and they got her to do it.
    Shes amazing 😀

  18. i am also a fan of rocky horror picture show

  19. spazzysazzytm says:

    i met amber and i spoke to her about doing this, and she said she found it really cringe worthy watching it back!
    but i love it haha

  20. DavidfromOhio says:

    HAHAHA!!! She would be a cybernetic super **** sent back in time to make out with one lucky stud from the past….the BABE-inator B-) She’s got back…. HAHA!!!!

  21. She’s so gorgeous!

  22. Animeartist124 says:

    oh my I disagree, all the girls in Buffy are like GODESSES when it comes to beauty. I’m *** so i dunno about *** appeal but i would put Buffy’s hair on willows body with Tara’s face, add in Faith’s curves, finally Glory’s fashion sense and you have pretty much the most beautiful creature ever to exist, aphrodite can **** IT! Buff-Wil-Tar-Fai-Glo would be AMAZING haha

  23. sirdidymus62 says:

    Agreed, she was the best looking girl in Buffy, that includes even Faith and Darla.

  24. sirdidymus62 says:

    This woman is so hot there should be health warnings before she appears on screen, ANYONE WITH A HEART CONDITION MUST LEAVE THE ROOM.

  25. ObsidianStorm2009 says:

    omg! you met her?!? I think I’m finaly gettin the saying “green eye’d monster”
    show me the pic, please!
    I love Amber!!! She NEEDS to come to Scotland!