Anthony Stewart Head Rocky Horror

newkillrstar asked:

Anthony Stewart Head sings "Planet Schmanet Janet/Hot Dog" at the Rocky Horror Picture Show 25th Anniversary celebrity karaoke special


  1. nocturnGER says:

    He becomes popular with his acting as Frank`N Farter

  2. sisterrose13 says:

    Even celebrities have there shadowcast days.

  3. Non seulement il est beau mais chante encore mieux qu’il interprète Giles

  4. thelemonsong13 says:

    Giles! ♥

  5. taylormager says:

    LOL anthony is so cool!! it really suits him!!!lol

  6. FallenDarkAngel133 says:


  7. Aquaflame68 says:

    NATHAN IS A ******

  8. lilcrazy09 says:

    I am in love with this! and I feel some repo ***** goodness comming on! 😀

  9. This man is always awesome, loved the episode where he sings Free Bird, in Buffy 😀

  10. Boonedaba says:

    Nathan/Jiles!!! This is why he’s hiding so much from Shilo.

  11. mmlover666 says:

    Holy crap RHPS and Repo my to favorite movies.

  12. GwendolenFairfax says:

    This is soooo great….^^

  13. Truthseeker1412 says:

    When I saw Giles….I almost died!!! BWAHAHAHAH!! Anthony is a legend!

  14. fangirl0488 says:

    Yes, oh and he is also he is the Prime Minister in Little Britten. That man is amazing.

  15. janekrahe says:

    He played Frank on stage in the 80’s in London, too. The man is made of pure ***! 😉

  16. fangirl0488 says:

    Oh gosh i am in love, i thought my life was complete when i realized Nathan Wallis was Giles and the Golden coffee but this… i feel my life is really complete now.

  17. fangirl0488 says:

    This is so amazing.

  18. xXdarkwhitewolfXx says:

    HA Me too! I can just picture it…
    Nathan Wallace, aside from his secret Repo life, also had a secret ************ life. XD

  19. xXdarkwhitewolfXx says:

    Oh my goodness this is amazing! I was just recently introduced to the fabulousness which is Anthony Stewart Head when I watched Repo! The Genetic Opera, where he plays Nathan (who happens to be my favorite). When I saw this video…It sort of completed me.

  20. GirEatsChewyMeatPies says:

    Planet Schmanet Janet

  21. SweeneyStyles says:

    he played frank n furter in london in 1990

  22. He’s my god . . .

  23. I keep seeing Nathan.

  24. queenofallchipmunks says:

    …oh my fucking god. lol
    I keep seeing giles when I watch this.
    this is so funny!

  25. melliebellie3232 says:

    Wise up Janet Weiss