How do I host a screening of the Rocky Horror Picture Show?

Shasta asked:

I would like to host a traditional screening of the Rocky Horror Picture Show on my college campus complete with costumes and audience participation. Does anybody know anything about the royalties to the movie and how I could legally show RHPS?


  1. There are lots of websites about how to throw the parties…..I don’t think you need to get loyalty really, you’re just showing the movie. You’re not saying it’s your own.

  2. somedays_beautiful_dreamer says:

    I think you should buy your roommate nice things and she’d be a bouncer at the showing, in the event the fuzz tries to bust up your illegal fun….

    Remember, she

  3. spongeworthy_us says:

    As long as you aren’t charging admission or making a profit somehow, you should be good to go. You would only have to pay royalties if you charge more than your cost.

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