How does Eddie know Columbia in Rocky Horror Picture Show?

yahootie asked:

We're under the impression that Eddie was Frank Furter's creation (like Rocky) but I have no clue. I've watched the movie quite a few times, but I still don't know who he is.


  1. Bog woppit. says:

    Eddie was Frank’s former lover, but not a creation of his. He was in fact Dr Scott’s nephew which is why he turns up later on in the film looking for him.

  2. The Girl Is A Geek says:

    Frank used Eddies brain to put in Rocky…ergo the scar on his forehead. he was once both Frank and Columbia’s lover and I think he just ended up at franks castle by happenstance.

  3. Eddie was Frankie lovers after his affair with Columbia. When he started his project, Eddie took up with Columbia (who I think was human as well) That went on until Frankie needed half a brain for Rocky. The rest is…well, left overs.

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