Magenta off of Rocky Horror Picture Show Costume?

Meg asked:

Does anyone have any ideas of how to make the costume for Magenta of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. I have found where I can buy it, But I was just wondering if it would be cheaper to make it. Just wondering if anyone had ideas.


  1. moviebuff says:

    trust me just buy it half the time they look the same for the same price and it saves time to just buy it

  2. Blues Brother says:

    you can get a cheap french maid outfit just about every Halloween store, fishnets, high heels, long really curly wig, heavy make-up…

  3. as a former member of 2 rocky horror casts i have to ask is this just for halloween or are you joining a cast? either way, PLEASE dont go for the costume in a bag.. so many of the fans and cast members worldwide revolted when they came out with those… i was a columbia for a few years and my best friend then was probably one of the best magentas you would ever see next to pat quinn herself… with that said, here are the 2 most popular sites used to make rocky horror costumes

    you can use these based on how committed you are to making your costume, if you want to really research it there are COUNTLESS people who have made their costumes and would most likely love to talk about how they did it.. (unfortunately im a columbia so i can only be of limited help) there are people who specialize in making rocky horror costumes, and to me this woman traci is by far the best

  4. magenta doesnt wear a french maid outfit so definately don’t wear one of those!

    the easiest thing to do would be to find a black shirt dress at the thrift store then replace the collar and cuffs with white ones. check out for pictures of the costumes.