Magenta (Rocky Horror) make-up tutorial

If you are dressing up as Magenta for your next Rocky Horror Picture Show outing - this make up tutorial video is for you.
pixiwoo asked:

Magenta (Rocky Horror) make-up tutorial PRODUCTS USED: Benefit Playstick in Jax Benefit brow pencil MAC Paintpots in Quite Natural and Blackground MAC Fluidline in Frostline Laura Mercier Creme Cheek Color in Blaze ELF eyeliner in Black MAC Invisible powder Urban Dacay 24/7 pencil in Gash Estee Lauder in Simply Red MAC 6 and 7 lashes.


  1. 13HauntedNightmare13 says:

    thank you so much for this video! i wasn’t sure what to be for Halloween and i was watching EVERY make-up guru’s Halloween videos to see if i could find anything, i came accost this video and fell in love with the make-up. I have always loved Rocky Horror so this was perfect…Everyone said the make-up was amazing and i thank you for that, your Magenta makeup was the best here on youtube!

  2. Wow! I love it!

  3. armasmutantur says:

    this is going to be brilliant for this Rocky Horror event they have in Norwich next week:D thanks hun!!

  4. drowningsky says:

    I would like you to know that my friend dressed up as Magenta for Halloween and I used this makeup look for it. 😀

  5. preppyrapunzel says:

    that’s one hell of a ring there!! impresive ^_^

  6. earthmama10 says:

    Thank you so much for getting that tutorial up just in time for Halloween. My son and his girlfriend went as Frank n furter and Magenta. I followed both your tutorials for their make up and they were dead on in character. My son even won best costume at the Midnight showing of RH in Pittsburgh. Now we need riff lol

  7. I love this video, I wish I could put fake eye lashes on myself so easily!

  8. omegaslayer666 says:

    awesome looks like rocky horror picture show magenta makeup ^_^

  9. stardustandbeyond says:

    You’re sooo pretty and this is a great video. Kudos.

  10. DiamondGina says:

    I was going to be her for halloween.

  11. EasilyTripped says:

    LOVE IT!
    It’ll make me prepared next time I see TRHS in the theatre again… ;]

  12. thorpevic says:

    good transformation. i realy did enjoy watching. well done

  13. DelightPage says:

    Sam, ignore the ignorant people commenting rudely on here. They’re just douchebags who know nothing about makeup! I think you’re really pretty and you and Nic are AMAZING at makeup. Good luck with the competition. 500 entries…=O

  14. I absolutely love the eyes.

  15. DelightPage says:

    Yes she can! It’s just the eyeshadow is making her eyes look smaller. Jesus…people are so stupid…

  16. DelightPage says:

    She is a professional! She’s a makeup artist you turd bucket! Jealousy…

  17. DelightPage says:

    O.O Friday the 13th……..

  18. DelightPage says:

    Look, please leave Sam + Nick alone. Go start arguments on other people’s videos.

  19. SupawSimba says:

    @MissRedBerries ….
    Oooh, I’m going on Saturday 14th and going as Magenta too! =D
    What time showing are you going to on Friday?
    Hope you have a good time! =D x

  20. tiffanypardoe says:

    Hi, really enjoyed it will show it my daughter also, thanks.

  21. You should block him, so he can’t comment anymore.

  22. The thing is douche, you don’t have a point! You’re just being a complete ****! So will you please just go away?!

  23. This was aimed at that Robbierancid being… not Pixiwoo!!

  24. You don’t like watching me, I don’t like you commenting so why don’t you stay away from my channel and I will be sure never to watch anything on yours.
    Fortunately for me thousand of people don’t agree with you so I will carry on regardless. Cheerio.

  25. Arikashmari says:

    Rob, it’s not about you having a point or not (though seeing as your entire “point” is built on subjective interpretation, you hardly have a sound base for your argument). What it’s about is you coming into a hard-working artist’s comments just to complain about trivialities in her narration. It’s about you feeding your ego by telling yourself you’re better than the “wannabees” who support this woman. Your *hardcore fan* jab was more arrogant than anything pixiwoo might have said. So chill out.