Open Auditions for “Rocky Horror Picture Show: A Tribute” at Halloween Horror Nights

themeparkgeek asked:

2009 Open Auditions for "Rocky Horror Picture Show: A Tribute" at Universal Studios Hollywood's Halloween Horror Nights. The "Rocky Horror Picture Show: A Tribute," bringing the mayhem of the classic horror spoof to life on-screen and on-stage with live performers singing and dancing in the celebrated, outrageous "Rocky Horror" costumes, will also be part of the "Halloween Horror Nights" event, per an agreement between the theme park and Twentieth Century Fox's Licensing & Merchandising ...


  1. It’s been a while since your post about the yelling back at the RHPS but, it had a HUGE cult fanbase and we interacted with the movie so much that you can actually look online and download a “script” of what the audience is supposed to do/say at any particular time during the film. We had props as well (when it rained, everyone popped open thier umbrella’s, or threw rice at the wedding). Oh man, I miss those days… there will NEVER be another RHPS!!!

  2. AventuraLuver says:

    I went there last night too. Most young people walked out within the first 15 minutes.

  3. I went to Universal HHN in Hollywood last night and saw the show…when you hear the main guys name (Brad) the crowd is supposed to yell out “ASSHOLE!” and when you hear the name of his fiance (Janet) you yell “SLUT!”…no joke it was pretty funny especially when this little girl said it out of cue and everyone started laughing

  4. daggett588525 says:

    He said this was the first time they did this show, right? I was there 2008 and love watching this show!

  5. padillasflotias says:

    Ok I see..Like I said I thought the things they yelled back were funny (the little I could makeout) just didnt know what it

  6. JesusMyTruLuv says:

    I live in california… and I’ve only known of one or two theaters doing the shows in the last 6 years

  7. JesusMyTruLuv says:

    it’s kind of part of RHPS’s cult status… when you go to the double feature that’s what happens. the audience yells, and says things and such. it’s just part of the movie now.

  8. padillasflotias says:

    im hoping someone can help me out on this…I have never seen the movie or whatever of RHPS but tonight saw the show at HHN in orlando an throughout the entire show the audience was yelling things back at them particually during the video part of it…what exactly where they yelling about and how does that play a “role” in the whole thing?

    I thought it was funny especially with some of the people being over dramatic about it, but had no clue to what or why they did this…thanks

  9. SuperTrucidator says:

    io ho visto sto film,e me piace

  10. nicolekidmannn says:

    at least 15 people walked out during Toucha Toucha. I personally thought it was hilarious that people walked out. this was in Orlando.

  11. therealdeal35 says:

    UNEASY I mean…TYPO!

  12. therealdeal35 says:

    Unless, your a HUGE fan of the Rocky Horror Picture show, i suggest you pass on this show. They do a good job with it however, there is somthing about seeing Grown men in thigh highs and garter belts that make you feel at easy..and not in a creepy scary good way. And Rocky is a short black dude with a mowhawk..but hey people like what they like. If you dont understand Rocky Horror you may walk out like so many people did. But FANS will dig it.

  13. MattIsOutrageous says:

    The actors I saw at the park were better singers, so I don’t think those are them. But the Janet in the video really does look like Susan Sarandon.

  14. negrophiliac says:

    i saw it last night. i loved it. i need to save more money up to go again in about 2 weeks.

  15. I personally never saw the movie so I wasn’t that into it. The girls had nice ***** though

  16. He might of meant it was hard to come by a role a little bit bigger than a community theater role.
    But i am really not that sure.
    Just saying that could be what he meant…

  17. NightfallIV says:

    how was it? Please don’t tell me they picked the 3 who sang…

  18. No, I saw it last night in USH.

  19. warrenstud21 says:

    saw this last night haha very good show

  20. Oh….my… I’m a huge RHPS fan…and I’m also a wannabe actor just starting to audition for stuff, and seeing this is absolutely intoxicating.

    So they actually…train you…and then you DO the Time Warp in a huge group? Awesome!!! I had no idea.

    At 0:45…. the guy on the left in front with the black shirt and/or the guy next to him with the black slacks would make excellent usher/dancer characters 😉 But I’m still partial to the 2007 and 2008 ushers here in Orlando 😉

  21. I know, I was simply just saying that the one guy was wrong in saying that it’s a hard to comeby role by giving an example that it’s a popular show for most community theatres along with touring companys

  22. We all don’t live in your area.

  23. I have to disagree with the one guy in the video(the one who I’m guessing wants to be Frank). He said something around the lines that it’s a hard to comeby role or something like when it’s really not. Rocky Horror seems to be very popular with most community and regional theatres. Three different community theatres near me either did or are about to do Rocky.

    If I lived near either universal parks and I knew about the auditions, I would have gone. I’ve done the show and it’s just alot of fun

  24. TheCutelatina says:

    i know me too =/

  25. bloodbrothera says:

    Yes we have done it at orlando for a little bit now because were better