Sweet ************ – Rocky Horror Show

JaneMiller77 asked:

Sweet ************ Ausschnitt aus einer Gala im Vamos in Lüneburg: Jochen Schaible(Brad), Melanie Gobbetto(Janet), Marco Heinrich(Frank'N Furter), Mariano Skroce(Riff-Raff), Patricia Galow(Magenta), Thomas Harke(Rocky) Phantoms: Nathalie Kleeberger, Anita Hopt, Julia Franz, Nina Russi.


  1. Well i loved it. I thought he did fantastic.

  2. LudooFrieend says:

    Totally wrong timing in his delivery, this is upsetting and offending to any true RHPS fan.

  3. lawnurse110 says:

    this guy is flaming. check out the RHS Sweet ************ from Springfield, Il. Much better Frank

  4. showbizfrank says:

    I don’t know when you actuallly recorded this show but great job really

  5. I dont think this guy has even SEEN the movie!!

  6. Its so stupid to see a bunch of *** people doing this!!!! Rocky has NOT that much to do with homosexuality. Frank is a transgender character hes NOT *** at all!!!
    At least the movie isnt. So when hes having *** with brad hes just doing what comes natural. This guy playing Frank is to FLAMING!!! Tim Curry played Frank with alot of masculinity.

  7. This guy doesnt even have a BOSS tattoo!!??? This sux!!!

  8. works better for Tim Curry, lol haha

  9. swordmaster5135 says:

    frank looks like micheal jackson HEH

  10. PunkRocker666Metal says:

    Frank N’ Furter cuts the lyrics up

  11. franknfurter75 says:

    frank’s really good, but he cuts up the lyrics too much. when he sings, he needs to let it flow more.

    other than that he’s excellent

  12. puertorican5943 says:

    i didnt like frank

  13. DuckmanProductions1 says:

    The begining Bit Is Pretty Close To Tim Currys Version

  14. the guy that plays riff raft and the guy that plays the transylvanian at 0:17 are sexy

  15. sofiaestey says:

    ((freeshe malesonline_._[com]))


  16. Ooh, he looks good! Good job, but the singing was sorta out of time..

  17. hes good but he doesn’t seem to be keeping up with the music too well

  18. 666necromonger says:

    is he a guy or a girl i couldnt tell if hes a guy damn good job

  19. the singing *****.

  20. Melissa080288 says:

    He does the character very well!

  21. PiratePrincess21 says:

    I like it! One of the best online!