the rocky horror picture show-science fiction/double feature

artistale asked:

science fiction/double feature


  1. MaxReffnex says:

    a remake is coming :(
    but this film is awesome

  2. TonyisManic says:

    They gave me the shits! lol love the alternate script ;P

  3. sergeantryan says:

    i love this song and the movie is fucked up and awesome at the same time i saw it at a theatre lol

  4. mikawhofan says:

    i can’t believe my brothers don’t appreciate the awesomeness that is the Rocky Horror Picture show.. this is a classic and my brothers have no taste.

  5. mikawhofan says:

    it is. I have done it several times and each time it’s just as awesome

  6. punkette666anime says:

    That movie was amazing! It’s even better live.

  7. Gluecksmila says:

    Rocky Horror Picture Show Forever!!!!!!

  8. And passing them used lots of skill! XD

  9. gloomyoutlook says:

    Dana Andrews said prunes gave him the “runes”


  10. WanderFilms says:

    no, they were planning on it, but pulled the plug. Thank Jeebus.

  11. This is untouchable.

  12. Lips! Lips! Lips!!!!

  13. Nightmastercool97 says:

    I love horror films and i saw this movie last night it was an ultimate mindfuck movie but awsome at the same time.

  14. jan22mar16 says:

    This is brilliant ! love this video !

  15. saw this on stage…OMG fucking brilliant, we did all the call outs and, dancing and prop-usage. want to go to a midnight viewing in new york, its meant to be legendary

  16. they did a remake! what???

  17. ElectriKmuRder says:

    to remake it would defeat it’s purpose COMPLETLY.

  18. bennythelazy2 says:

    god this was an awesome movie

  19. ClassicRockSovereign says:

    The remake was cancelled in September.

    Thank GOD.

  20. figment1988 says:

    i agree. Zac Efron and RHPS is like the worst thing to happen to remakes since Friday the 13th

  21. Nay, laddie!

  22. TheBoomhahaha says:

    EXACTLY!! im going to sign it hahaha once i find out how

  23. TheBoomhahaha says:

    same here

  24. dillweed04 says:

    I love going to it Live at The Blue Mouse!
    What is this I hear about a remake of this classic? I hope they dont or the love of god.

  25. dillweed04 says: